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08/22/19 01:17 AM #809    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Thanks, Russell!  I sent a photo to Mike of Sammy on the TV screen and also some from our trip to Richmond, too!  I chose the best photos of you & Jackie from our Japanese Dinner & some of our Classmates from the Luncheon! You can see them now, 'cause Mike put them on our TJ 1962 page!  We enjoyed our Visit with everybody!  Those were Good Memories!  Some are on the "Classmates Photo Page," and some of "My Famous Grand-daughter and my Family are "on my Profile Page!" Enjoy!!!

08/24/19 02:04 PM #810    

Belle Landrum

I am going to see my first grand nephew - is that the name for my nephew's child, on Monday.  I think he is 4 weeks or so old.   The last picture I saw looked like he was  older than that.  But, what do I know!  Single persdon that I am.      I am all set in the vaccinations department and don't have a cold.  I   am told that he received everything imaginable from all his well wishers, so I'll have to take a look around and see if there is something missing.   Exciting times in the Landrum corral. If I can take a picture I'll show it here - if I can learn how.   You all have been through this, I'm sure, with your family.    My immediate family appears to be late "marriers", 40, 36,34,  And one neph doesn't plan to have children.   So I might be in Westhampton Park before there are many namesakes.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.  I hope to get to VA Beach in September.       

08/24/19 02:10 PM #811    

Belle Landrum

Dear Marilyn,  Thank you for your pictures.  They are really good.   Belle

08/26/19 01:15 AM #812    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Belle!  Thanks for enjoying my photos, and I hope you have fun meeting your "Grand-Nephew!"   We have 5   Grand-Nieces and one Grand-Nephew on my side of the family & 2 Grand-Nephews and 4 Grand-Nieces on Joel's side!  We only get to see them every 2-to-3 years because my extended family is in Ohio & Denver,    plus several Cousins and their kids in California!  Where does your Brother live?  

If the little boy has tons of clothes, you might try checking out the Toy Departments of Local Stores!  I remember when my Granddaughter and her Cousins were born, I made Baby Blankets or Wall Hangings for some of them, and Stuffed Animals for others.  When I ran out of ideas, there were others like the Jumping Chair that rolled across the floor or hung in a doorway or the Music Boxes or Busy Box made of Plastic that you could attach to the Crib!  When in doubt, go on a ride with the new parents to a Baby Toy Store and  watch their eyes light up!  And there are always Gift Certificates or Checks if that doesn't work!

Have fun meeting your new nephew!  Our family's kids are almost full grown, except for one baby girl, and she was sleeping when I saw her in Ohio, so we'll have to return to see her and her 3-year-old brother when they  get a little bigger!  I LOVE buying Baby Gifts and seeing New Little Ones!  That's exciting!  Post a photo of you & your New Grand-Nephew! 

PS-The name "Bill" can be a derivative of "Belle!" Both sides of our family wanted our kids to be named after the Departed Grandparents, so Rachael is named after my husband's Paternal & and my Paternal Grand mothers, and Amy is named after the two Grandfathers and one Grandmother.   Then everybody was happy until the next generation had kids!  


09/07/19 05:46 PM #813    

Belle Landrum

For those of you who followed the Westhampton saga, the junior high building is coming down.  So far the auditorium part is gone.  If they did not have so many signs posted and such fearful fencing I'd try to get some bricks for to sell to alums to raise money for TeeJay music or sports, painted Westhampton colors for our gardens, . build a sign for the school...  I just hate to see it go with no notice.  After all our dealings with B.S. I'm not sure I trust them or the realtors to do anything to remember the school.  Maybe the tone has changed at B S since the administrative change, but I don't think so.  If anyone is interested in doing something  with "bricks" I can try to see a manager on site to get and help.  I believe I have some things from TeeJay that someone made from TJ bleachers' wood.  It would be fun if we could plan something.  ... I wonder how mcu the postage would be for a brick to Arizona?  Thinking of you, Marilyn.

09/07/19 05:50 PM #814    

Belle Landrum

And to all, please forgive my mistypes and grammatical slips (bleachers'S).  I'm in the midst of reading my grammar book from Madison College.


09/07/19 07:34 PM #815    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Belle, you are "a trip!" I would LOVE to have "a brick" from Westhampton School!  And I bet our friends who now live in  Massachusetts or Michigan or New Jersey or Florida or California would, too! (Maybe Mary Draney  or Lucy Boettcher or Susan Hume or anybody else from our class at Westhampton can help you decorate them! You could have a "Painting Party!")

 If you can't find "The Manager," find Billy Thalheimer!  He's 2 years younger than we are!)

The next TJ Reunion is in 2022, and my Cousin's 85th Birthday will be in January after THAT, so if you save them until we get there, we'll pick them up when we arrive & bring them home with us!!!  No need for the expensive  mail postage!

PS - I hope that "Memory Room" actually goes through!  I have PHOTOS & Souvenirs of Westhampton,  to copy & contribute!

Hope you're having fun with your new Grand-nephew!  Just think of all the songs you can teach him while he is growing up, and the sports he can play with you when he gets bigger!  Oboy, Oh Joy!

10/04/19 02:04 PM #816    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Happy New Year to all my Jewish Friends from Tee Jay!  I hope you all have a Healthy, Peaceful Year!

(And Thanks, Mike, for the Pretty Holiday Greeting on the TJ Class of 1962- Home Page!)

10/13/19 04:02 PM #817    

Belle Landrum

Hi, Marilyn,  I am trying to send this to all Westhampton alumni.  I email our address but am not sure I did it corrrectly.

 There is an obituary notice for a Drucilla Waring in yesterday/today's paper.  I think she was our 6th grade teacher unless someone else has that name but seems unlikely.  I can see her Signature on my report cards.  She was a teacher in Richmond Public Schools.  We would have had her in 1955  or 1956.  She was young campared to the rest of our teachers there.  She graduated from Westhampton College in 1952 or 54.

Anyone else have any information on her?  I remember her being rather tall, by our size standards, and thin.      I remember liking her.  There is no funeral listed, only a burial.

10/13/19 07:24 PM #818    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Belle, I was in Miss Blanche Doswell's class in 6th Grade at Westhampton & most of the people at Tee Jay who went to Westhampton had her also.  I don't remember a Miss Waring, but maybe she taught the other 6th Grade Class.  You said you graduated at half-year, so maybe she taught other half-year students also.  Do you remember the names of your classmates at Westhampton?  We had those little tiny photos taken every year & we traded them with our friends!  If you still have them, those would provide good clues about who was in your class!   


10/15/19 11:20 AM #819    

Belle Landrum

Hi, Marilyn,

My 6th grade ran January/February to Jan/Feb. the next year.  TThe February class as you said.  I know my usual classmates - Billy Collins. Diane Ridgeway, Anne Ferrell - she came back from Mary Mumford, and the rest of the class.  I think all of the February kids were in t he same classroom.  Those of you who remember her please let me know if you have time.  Thanks..  Does anyone remember the name of the English teacher, 8th grade..She had dark hair and usually wore ladies' suits.  When I had a crotchety teacher at TJ,  I went back to Westhampton, and Miss _________ helped me.

10/16/19 01:20 AM #820    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


Belle, my English Teacher in 7th Grade was Miss Stossel .  She was like Miss Tankard - a great teacher, who taught us to love literature!  She had us memorizing poetry all semester!  I can still remember some of the poems I learned in that class!

In 8th Grade, I had Miss Morton.  She was "different!". All I remember of her in that class was that we were asked to write a "Class Poem," but in the end, she rejected our suggestions, and wrote it herself! She also taught us Algebra, and we were so confused, we all ended up in Mr. Ooghe's class the next semester, where      it became much clearer, because he explained it to us!

Miss Morton became a good friend of my Mother after I left Richmond, and the two of them joined the Poetry Society of Virginia. My Mom published a few of her poems in various magazines, and she won a prize in a Poetry Contest judged by John Ciardi!  They were two women who loved poetry!

That's all I can tell you about "The other two English teachers!" Fortunately, I have a good memory of my teachers at Westhampton, but I have to read my report cards from Tee Jay to remember some of those          who taught me courses other than English!  I guess my memory of my days at Westhampton is "stuck in       time!"

I hope that the next time we come to Richmond in 2022, I won't be totally shocked by the new appearance        of  Westhampton School !   What I have been wondering all this time is: "Where do kids who live in the West End go to school, now that our Alma Mater is NO LONGER being used for that purpose? 



10/16/19 09:23 AM #821    


Russell Flammia

Hi Marilyn,

          I rode by Westhampton the other day.  The original building is still there but all the other buildings are gone, so there is a big void.  So much for Bon Secours and the council person who represents the 1st District of Richmond. The only thing some politicians see is money and power, not necessarily what the best thing to do.

    I hope you can return to Richmond before 2022, of course that will be the year for our 60th reunion.

10/20/19 09:01 PM #822    


Dick Goldman

Subject: Memories and Birthdays

So I just sent Dale Bagby another birthday wish as I have always remembered her birthday since we were in 5th grade and I sat behind her. I learned her birthday was October 18 which is exactly 10 days before mine putting her in the category of an older woman. We are both, along with another large group, a part of the mid-semester half grade group that by the eighth grade had to either move up a half year in class or go backwards. So those of us who moved up are just now experiencing our 75th birthdays, later than most of you.

At 75, we all have lots of memories. There is a book entitiled "Is There Life After High School?" I think the essence of the book is that we all live up to or down from the image we created of ourselves in high school. This website keeps the experience of growing up in those years in front of us.

So with these sort of memories in my head (and my 75 coming up next Monday), I took my daughter, Emily, to see "Beautiful" on Broadway, as it is scheduled for its final performance next Sunday. It's a musical about Carole King's life and music. My wife JoEllen had seen it already with her sisters.

It was nothing short of amazing and wonderful. It featured the songs she wrote for others up to the times she performed her own music which exploded onto the music scene in her album, Tapestry. It also included many other hits from her associates at her studio in New York. It was inspiring and uplifting, but for most of the audience it was nostalgic.

My thoughts during and after and in going through the photos (particularly Memory Lane) on this website, reminded me of  just how blessed we all were to grow up in the times we did. Our era's music changed the world of music forever. (It seems doubtful that in another 50 years there will be a muscial play written about any singer/songwriter of today's music).

Our times were special and we have the music of so many wonderful artists to remind us of the wonderful times in which we grew up, the teachers we had, the leaders we had, the neighborhoods in which we lived, riding our bikes wherever we needed to go, and playing with our friends. I remember fliping baseball cards with Stephen Miller, riding on the handlebars of Lee Ellman's bike, playing sand lot baseball with Bobby Bayliss, playing chess with Gilbert Brown, shooting baskets at Miller's house with Sidney Padow, playing music with Dickie Klein and Andy Bendhiem, dancing cheek to cheek with Linda Salsbury (to "Chances Are" by Johny Mathis), watching Bobby Caudle quarterback our football team, talking about religion with Alex Williams, Junior Stunt Night and Billy Collins, and so much more. We cannot duplicate those times, but can remember them and only hope for a future where the rich environment in which we grew up, can be had in some other form for our communities and family members.

Happy fourth quarter birthday to all of you.

Dixk(ie) Goldman

















































10/21/19 12:02 PM #823    


Russell Flammia

A wonderful reflection of growing up.  Well spoken Dickie

10/21/19 02:42 PM #824    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


I enjoyed reading about your schoolday memories, Dickie Goldman!  You write very well --- as if it was yesterday!  I hope "Beautiful" comes to Arizona one day, because we have seen "West Side Story" and "Jersey Boys" at The Phoenix Theatre in the past two years,  "The Fantastiks" was performed in Yuma, and they all brought back a lot of classic songs we remember!              

I have a feeling that my Granddaughter's Generation might come up with a play one day based on the lives of Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendez, Adam Levine, Bruno Mars, and Usher or some of the female singers like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey,  Rihanna, or Demi Lovato.  Eminem has already appeared in  a movie about himself, and Justin Timberlake has starred in several movies by other screenwriters.

Don't sell these young adults short, but they will probably never duplicate the number of Jazz, Pop, or Rock & Roll Stars we had in the glorious 50's and 60's !  I haven't seen any new groups who sing and dance like the Temptations or The Spinners, but there is that group of young opera singers from Italy!

Oh!  And Happy Birthday, Dickie, and welcome to "Club 75!"

10/21/19 03:27 PM #825    


Sally Kincannon (von Rumohr)

Thank you, Dickie, for so eloquently sharing your memories with us.  We do, as a group, have so many wonderful times, people and events to recall.  And it's important to pause and take note.  I'm very grateful to you for doing just that!  Well done:-)

10/21/19 05:29 PM #826    


Alexander Williams

Beautifully said, Dickie, with your trademark empathy, insight and wisdom.  Thank you.  Alex

10/21/19 06:01 PM #827    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Russell, thanks for your message!  I'm glad we saw Westhampton's Junior High Building in all its glory when we were in Richmond, and I am NOT there  to see "the empty space" now !   I'm not sure if we will be coming back to Richmond before the Reunion, because the expense of flying there from here is pretty outrageous and Joel always seems to find some "good deals" when we DO plan those every-5-year visits!  (-now only 2-1/2 years away!).

For now, I have "put off"my 2nd Cataract Surgery for a while, because Joel is due for Back Surgery in 3 weeks, with a 6-week Recuperation Period!  Personally, I can only handle one crisis at a time!

It's SO MUCH SIMPLER to muse on the good times in our youth than to deal with current health issues!  Maybe after 7 years of "putting this off,"  Joel will be able to enjoy the next Reunion better than EVER!

Dickie, it's a shame I live so far away from all my classmates!   I have a HUGE collection of records from about 1949 to 1988 and a bunch of Tapes & CD's  since 1989 to present.  Whenever I need "A trip down Memory Lane" I take them out & play them on my 3-speed record player!  My Sister took my Daughter, Granddaughter, and her Boyfriend to see "Carousel" in New York 2 years ago, and I bought tickets to treat them to "Xanadu" a few weeks ago at a new "Broadway Theatre"  in Arizona.  It is SO MUCH FUN to watch their faces light up, when they see the shows and hear the music we enjoyed years ago! 

How did your Daughter enjoy the show?


10/24/19 05:32 PM #828    


Mike Floyd

Below is a Letter to the Editor written by our own Jimmy Antonick.  Following the letter is a link to an article written by Dr. Bill Lohmann about Bruce Heilman a World War II veteran and former President of the University of Richmond.  Both are good reads.

Below is the link to the article about Dr. Bruce Heilman written by Bill Lohmann.


10/25/19 12:27 PM #829    


Melvin Katz

Mike: Thank you for posting Jimmy's letter to the editor. What a very nice tribute Jimmy has written. It reminded me that when I was a Board of Directors Member at Maymont, The Gov.'s wife, Jeannie, was a member of a committee I chaired. She requested that one of our Committee meetings could be held in the dinning room of The Governors Mansion,Gov. Jerry Baliles was Governor at the time. Looking out the dinning room window of The Governor's Mansion,  I could see my fathers Shoe Repair Shop which was on 9th Street. A great memory that I will always hold dear.

10/28/19 10:43 PM #830    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Jimmy- Great letter!  I enjoyed reading about two forward-looking men with open minds about International Trade.  Sometimes, I think I walked backward in time when we moved to Arizona 30 years ago.  International Relations South of the Border and across the Ocean are pretty strained now, and we haven't had an open-minded Governor since Rose Mofford. I wish Arizona & the U. S. Government could take a cue from Virginia!  This State has a lot to learn, and so do the folks in Washington, D.C.  I don't know a lot of people where I live who encourage International Trade, but I have always sought international handmade items for gifts for my family & friends. I wish I had known somebody like you when I started my Art Co-op here with young Artists from Mexico!  Their paintings & drawings were beautiful, but Arizonians frowned on the fact that they later moved back to Mexico, and nobody wanted to buy the Artwork but Tourists!  Such foolish Arizonians!  I haven't seen any Artwork like theirs since then.  They were unique!


10/31/19 10:23 PM #831    


Mike Floyd

Below is a link to a nice story about Tee Jay Vikings Football.  They are 7 and 1 and have an excellent chance of winning the Class 2 High School division.

11/04/19 12:03 AM #832    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Hi, Russell!  I (we) can't be there, but you forgot to put the date in November! Was it the 2nd? 9th? 16th?  23rd? or 30th?  Sorry I can't join you, but hope you all have fun!  

11/04/19 09:57 AM #833    


Russell Flammia

Hi Folks,

               I guess I was having a senior moment & left off the date for the Vikings Fund breakfast. It was Sat. Nov. 2nd & thanks to the support of alumni, neighbors, and faculty,  we made enough money to buy another computer for the library and then some. Last spring the Vikings Fund ( bought 8 with funds from our treasury with money donated by some members of the class of '62 and several others. Each computer costs about $735.00. The Class of '59 donated 4 computers following their reunion in September and the Class of '69 who just had their reunion a couple of weeks ago will donate money to the Vikings Fund to buy 4 computers. This will give us a total 167 new ones with 4 or 5 more to go.  I'm extremely greatful for all of the support. It is a very heart warming experience. Thank you so much.


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