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11/26/20 10:10 AM #913    


Russell Flammia

      Hi classmates, today is Thanksgiving--and I have a lot to be thankful for--family, a wife and two wonderful children, a 14 year old grandaughter, wonderful parents who gave my brother and I a home, not just a house, but a home,  bountiful amounts of food, classmates I met at Tee Jay who became lifelong friends, and certainly  our veterans and their families. Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful.

11/27/20 10:58 AM #914    


Melvin Katz

I would be very remiss if I did not echo my great friend, Russell's message. Often when I tell freinds how we have all stayed together since High School, they looked amazed that we have, Yes, we had and have a very unique class that all came together at TJ all thise many years ago. I feel very fortunate that in my life, I have been able to sustain such wonderful friendships and GIVE THANKS for what we all have.

11/27/20 01:28 PM #915    


Bob Bayliss

Like Russell and Melvin, I am especially thankful for having attended such a special school with great people, many of whom I still call good friends. Lots of different memories including sports, operettas, and even the sound of pennies rolling into the metal chair legs in the study halls held in the auditorium.

11/27/20 04:21 PM #916    


Sally Kincannon (von Rumohr)

Well, I think it's time for us "girls" to chime in!  So here goes -- not that I have a different point of view when it comes to Tee Jay and our mutual high school experience.  Those three years, start to finish, were extraordinary on every level -- academics to social life and everything in between (sports, choir, commitees, drama, student government, etc.). AND the very fact that so many of us have stayed connected over the course of almost 60 years (!) speaks to just that.  Thank you Mike and thank you Russell for providing all of us with a way to keep those wonderful high school years alive!  

11/28/20 02:59 PM #917    


Russell Flammia

Thank you for your kind words Sally. The various things that have been done to keep our class together has had the positive reinforcement and encouragement of many of the ladies in our class too!  Our class is blessed.

11/28/20 04:09 PM #918    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I hope everybody had a pleasant Thanksgiving!  "Way out here" in the Southwestern U.S.A.,  we ate our Holiday Dinner outside, 8 adults seated around a Huge Table and 5 Young Adults of college age at a smaller one, on the patio of one of my daughter's college friends!  Temps are dropping now--- It was about 40 degrees last night, and for the first time in many months, I had to "turn the heat on!"  (Brrrrrrrrrr!)

Our Granddaughter, Sammy, turned age 21 at the beginning of November, and her Mom, our older Daughter Rachael, became age 53 last Tuesday! (How is that possible, when we are still just age 39? Ask Jack Benny!)

("What's new with "everybody out there????")

11/29/20 04:33 PM #919    


Russell Flammia

Hi Marilyn, I'm glad you all were able to have a gathering and were able to have some fellowship. How can Sammy be 21 and Rachel is 53!  It just isn't possible!! I have fond memories of the dinner Jackie and I had with you, Sammy, Rachael, & Joel a couple of years ago. We had a wonderful time.

Jackie and I  had Thanksgiving dinner with our daughter, Kelly, who drove from Va. Beach to our home on the Chesapeake Bay in Mathews County. We had a wonderful time, but it was quite different from the usual family gathering of 20-25 at Jackie's sister's house. 

 Since we're writing about holidays,  I just checked my calendar & Hanukkah begins Dec. 10-that seems early.  Give my best to Sammy, Rachael, and Joel.

11/30/20 12:03 AM #920    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Thanks, Russell !  I appreciate that message!  Yes, Chanukah is approaching soon, and since we are "stuck indoors again for another Lockdown," some people in our family have requested that we make donations to worthwhile charities, instead of sending "more stuff!" So I have made up a list of our favorite 4 charities, and     we will have  acknowledgements sent out by them to our relatives!  There has been "so much trouble out    there" this year, we think that's the best way to "gift" everybody for the Holiday!  

"Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men!"

That's NOT just "An Expression!"

This year  we REALLY have to "Prove It!"

Hope the festivities with your family & those of all our TJ classmates are joyous & many !

11/30/20 01:19 PM #921    

Belle Landrum

Hi, Marilyn,  Just saw your post.  Thanksgiving was different, five of us vs. the usual 12+.  Actually it gave me the chance to chat with my nephew's wife.  Interesting person I oope to know better. 

I had forgotten that your daughter, Rachel's, birthday is the same as mine, November 24  .My day was quiet but nice.  I served dessert to neighbor's of mind whose 4 cildren attended Westhampton and TeeJay.  She was in the last graduating  class of Wessthampton High school.  Nice people like all the who attended W. & TJ.  I continued a family tradition; my MOther always had the Sheppersons over dinner and birthday cake on my Dad's birthday. (My brother and I still cannot figure out how old they are. They've looked the same all these years!)

Well, I am way behind on learning everything about my cell phone.  I got one much later than I you and everyone else bought their's.  Having teenagers around would certainly help.  Anybody want to rent out a grandchild to give me lessons?

To close, I found out the name of that assembly that Westhampton had during this season-Chrishannah.  Westhampton and Tee Jay were special.


11/30/20 05:20 PM #922    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Belle, You are "A Trip!" Thanks for that Westhampton/TJ Memory that I don't recall ever hearing before,  ---       from anybody!  It made me Smile! 

I hope your Birthday was FUN & I'm so glad you had someone with whom to share it !

Sorry I can't send my Granddaughter there to help!  But she can help over the phone or I can forward your Question to her via email, if you can wait for a week or so! 

We are both studying for our Final Exams now & I am probably busier than she is!

Write your questions down and send them in about 10 days, okay?

Or you can call or visit the store where you bought your phone, or even ask the kids of your nice neighbor that you entertained with "Birthday Cake!"

Have a good week! 



12/01/20 11:46 AM #923    


Carol Battige (Levine)

I just learned that Sally Temple (Jones) passed away on November 25 at St. Mary's Hospital.  Sally had been in declining health since her heart attack which she suffered at our 50th reunion.  I don't believe her death notification ever reached the Richmond obituaries. 

12/06/20 11:28 AM #924    


Melvin Katz

I want to thank whoever put the video on the Website of The Pearl Harbor Memorial. My wife Elsie and I have visited there and it was, to say the least, awe inspiring. If ever any of you have the opportunity, go, do so and be moved as we were in our attendance and visit.

12/07/20 11:32 AM #925    


Russell Flammia

Thanks Mike for puting up the U-tube on Pearl Harbor.  While I was watching the video a popup showed regarding the interment service for Estelle Birdsell. In the beginning of the service it was announced that on Deceember 7 there were 38 sets of brothers and a father and son on board the USS Arizonia the day that the attack took place.  A very startling and shocking fact. Apparently at that time this was a choice that family members could choose. Let's pray that we don't forget this date in history.  Freedom isn't Free.

12/07/20 12:29 PM #926    


Carlin Hudgins (Hanzas)

Thank you for the Pearl Harbor Video. I never knew that the survivors wanted to be cremated and their urns to  be placed with shipmates that were killed that day. Also, the fact that so many brothers were killed. My parents lived outside of San Francisco on that fatal day 79 years ago. My mother had saved the newspapers from the San Francisco newspaper and the San Mateo paper. I found them in a cedar chest in the attic in Richmond when I sold her house a few years ago. I had them framed and have them on my wall in my den now. I have always been a WW II buff and I am a member of the WW II museum in New Orleans. That is a War that should never be forgotten.

12/07/20 10:31 PM #927    


Russell Flammia

Wow Carlin! I'm so glad you found the papers and have them framed and mounted in your home. You have preserved news of a significant part of history. I know that many others share our reverence for World War II. Seventy one young men from Tee Jay died in while serving in the military during WWII. Their names are listed on a bronze plaque in the hall way near the main office. One of these, Jimmie Monteith, received the Medal of Honor for his actions on D-Day, June 6, 1944. For any of our classmates who attended Va. Tech, a dorm was named after him in his honor. Because of the many sacrifices this group of American men & women made during this time they have been referred to as the Greatest Generation. 

12/08/20 07:44 PM #928    


Carlin Hudgins (Hanzas)

Thanks Russell, I thought some of the history buffs would like to see them. These pictures are before I framed them. I found these nice black frames that have plexiglass in the front and back, so you can take the papers out if you wish to read them. It is interesting to see how low the prices were in the retail ads.


12/09/20 07:50 AM #929    


Russell Flammia

Carlin, I share your amazement over those adds. There some adds in the older copies of the Monticello & Jeffersonians that really grab your attention with the prices. 

It's 28 degrees in Richmond this morning! I know its a lot warmer where you are!  Have a good day!

12/14/20 03:19 PM #930    


Brenda Jenkins (Armstrong)

Thanks for the Christmas memory
Of Elvis singing.
Brought smiles.

12/17/20 12:40 PM #931    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Hello, Everybody!  I hope our Jewish Classmates have been having a Happy Chanukah!  We've been busy celebrating every night since last Friday, when my beautiful Granddaughter Sammy helped to light the 2nd Chanukah Candle at home & we went out for Dinner at a restaurant called "Tacos & Beer!" (I don't drink Beer, but the Tacos were great!) .......Last Saturday night, my Daughter Rachael cooked lots of Latkes, and after we lit the 3rd candle, we taught her friend how to play "The Dreidel Game!" & watched the movie "Elf" on tv. ......Sunday, we saw "The Nutcracker Ballet," while sitting on the bleachers at a High School Football Field with our masks on!    (--a creative solution to the threat of this pandemic!). Then we had Fish Tacos for Dinner at another restaurant called "Las Palapas" (-that means "The Umbrellas!")......Monday, we had another Family Party & lit the 5th Candle, and my Sisters sent us some Jewelry my Aunties used to wear in the 1920's-30's!!!....Tuesday, Sammy & I visited her hairdresser and I FINALLY got my hair cut after 4 months! (It was REALLY long!) .....And last night, we lit 7 candles in Rachael's friend's new family room!  Tonight is the last night of Chanukah, and it has been "A Blast!"....I wrote a Research Paper on "Cameos" for my class on "European Jewelry in the 18th to 19th Centuries," & guess what I received at BOTH Chanukah Parties?  You guessed it!  I am now the proud owner of Brooches, Necklaces, & a Faux Watch with "Cameos" & a Pin and Bracelets from the "Art Nouveau Era!" The designs are "Out of This World!" My Aunties even left us some Mexican Jewelry from their trip to Mexico City many years ago! Wow!  That really WAS "The Greatest Generation!" -- "Internationally Aware!"

12/17/20 04:18 PM #932    

Belle Landrum

Hi, Marilyn.

Everything is a little quiet here at the Landrums. I've had my only outing, last Saturday.  We went to a pageant - Christmas.  The church had moved it outside due to the pandemic.. One of my Mother's friends had seen it many years ago.. I just mention it because there  was a whole lilttle town made of houses, in a horseshoe shape around the audience area.. It was so serious as other ones; had  great music and even a donkey and a camel in the cast.  Of course, I'm sitting there enjoying it while all the time checking out the voices and costumes.  It was a bit like our TJ operettas (very professional).

Evereything has been cancelled, everything musical and theatrical.  I especially miss THE NUTCRACKER that Richmond Ballet did so beautifully.

Marilyn, where do find the classes that you take?  internet?  Can the rest of us join in?

Am attempting to finish my cards; better than other years when they were tre late or not at all.  Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season and that the pandemic is not ruining your plans. 

12/17/20 06:39 PM #933    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Belle - -There are many Adult Education Classes you can take, which  probably cost a lot less than mine and take less time, too!  My Daughter's Friend from Elementary School lives in Alabama, and she  is taking online classes from Harvard University;  I think they are "Free" or "Low Cost," and cover many areas of study. She has taken one class on  "The Civil War" & another one on "Women's History!"I will get details for you!.......I probably should have followed that path, because my Tuition is astronomical and my courses require about 100-200 pages of reading per week, a quiz online each Friday, a written "Discussion" each week online, a Term Paper for each upper-level class (300-400-level), and a Final Exam with many Essay Questions!  All this is crammed into 6-7 weeks!  If I was able to, I would be better off taking classes on campus, where I would have 15 weeks to master the material, but all courses are online now!  I study about 30 hours per week for each course I take, and the University requires a minimum of 20 hours per week!  If you are still interested, I will give you more details on the Message Board.  I don't want to scare you, but I pay my Tuition with my Social Security Checks, because there is no other "action" for me in Arizona, especially this year with the Corona Virus.  (I don't shop or go out much, so my only other expense is my monthly Grocery  Bill.)  The books are also pretty expensive!  The Professors are very demanding, too!  I've only earned 3 A's  & 4 B's out of 9 courses so far, and that was because I had been exposed to those subjects earlier in my life.  You can check it out at   myasu. edu or www.asu. edu.  It's been "A  Long Haul" for me.  I'm not sure it's for everyone!  There are 15 courses required for the Degree, and I was lucky to transfer in most of my Undergrad Credits, but only 5 of my Art Courses as "Requirenents" or "Electives." They limited those and said "No more transfers," so I lost about 20 hours of Art Studio Courses.  It's "A Grueling Course" that only a person who has a lot of time on their hands would take. And when there is "A Family Event," there are "No Excuses" for "Lost Time!" 




12/17/20 08:00 PM #934    

Belle Landrum

Somehow I did'nt get here.  So fior a second try.  That you for the information on classes./I did nopt know if your classes were connected to a university.

A bit of info:  iF YOU ARE AN opera fan, you must watchoperas from theMetropolitan Opera, NYC.

  Since the pandemic started they are broadcasting all of the live opera they broadcast iin the movie theaters and also one that weer shown on live tv.  Just go to "Mrt Opera"./  They are listed by day/date.They startt each/every night at 7:00 p.m.Thoouh when you clck on is not important.  Each opera is shown from the beginniong from the time you start.  Each one is on for almost 24 hours.  And if you start and can't finish right you you just click you stoppbutton and leave it"on"  and you can continue whenever you -want.  If you are a fan, it's great.  Or if you've not seen an opera, pick  La Boheme or The Mgic Flute.  Of course there manybig dramas.Just the thing if you are staying home as I  am and need to "get out of the house.  All the best with your classes.



12/25/20 11:55 AM #935    


Carlin Hudgins (Hanzas)


Loved the video of the "Candy Bomber". What a wonderful thing to do to join two enemies.


12/25/20 08:58 PM #936    


Russell Flammia

During my teaching days at TJ, I taught my students about the Berlin Airlift but this video makes it very personal. This is the type of story that 'hooks' a students' interest. I had seen pictures of the parachutes carrying the gifts but I never knew the story and about the Candy Bomber. I wish I had known about the Candy Bomber years ago. What a wonderful story.

01/26/21 04:03 AM #937    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Hello, Everybody!  I hope you are all doing ok during this pandemic.  We're still "locked up here at home," waiting for a "Miracle!"   The Virus Vaccines in Yuma were all used up in a week or two, and those who live        in Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona) have to wait for a month to receive theirs!  I spend a lot of time day- dreaming about International Travel  when this long ordeal is over, but who knows when THAT will be?

Weather here jumps around from 85 degrees a week ago, to two days of rain, to strong winds. Now, it's back    to cool temps again, and I have to turn on the heat while doing housework!

I'm not taking any classes this quarter, due to an incomplete schedule offering by my Department at ASU, so   I'm reading a book on one of our illustrious Leaders in Washington, D.C., and hoping for a good year  ahead!

Be Healthy & Safe! 







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