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04/12/20 12:21 PM #878    


Russell Flammia

Hi folks, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and staying home except for trips to the grocery store and to doctors.  To help me pass through this difficult period i've been listing to 94.9 The Surf on my phone and computer. They're in Myrtle Beach and play Oldies (our music) and Beach Music. On Sunday afternoons from 1-4 a DJ, Charlie Brown, plays some really good tunes.  Check it out, it's good for the soul.


04/12/20 03:18 PM #879    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


Thanks, Russell !  We have no Oldies music in Yuma, Arizona!  They took away our "Oldies" Radio Station many years ago, which is odd, because there are lots of people our age who are Winter Visitors & many Senior Citizens who live here year 'round!  That is the "Yuma Logic!" - They want us to shop in their stores, but they don't want us to have our Music!  During the Winter Months (October to March), we can pay $25 for a ticket to visit our Retro Main Street Theatre, and see "imitators" of our favorite singers like Buddy Holly, Simon & Garfunkel, The Blues Brothers, Diana Ross, and even the Glen Miller Band from a group out of Tucson called "Lonely Street Productions!"  These singers and actors have "all the moves" of the Stars down pat, and their voices are pretty close to "the real thing!"  When I went to see their presentation of "The Blues Brothers,"  each of the two singers came down from the stage and danced in the aisles with one of the Senior Women!  These concerts are always "Sold Out!"  And for great Jazz, there is a local band that plays outside at the Shopping Mall to large crowds who come there to visit the Restaurants during the evening. Some of the Band Members & Singers are relatives, so it is "all in the family!"  And two Native American Casinos that are located in little towns South and North of Yuma host "Big Name Country Singers" or "Pop Singers" several times per year.  We saw Julio Iglesias, Crystal Gayle, Air Supply, & most recently, Boyz 2 Men. In Phoenix, we  saw Herb Alpert and his Wife, &  later Judy Collins at the Musical Instrument Museum.  I'm sad that, due to the Virus, we can't see any Music Concerts this year, but the Country Singers put on a nice TV presentation with their wives & Shania Twain's horse  last week, so that was nice!

There is a great "Oldies Station" at 94.5 in Phoenix called KOOL!  I wish the Radio Waves stretched down here!  On the other side of town, in my former Yuma home, I could hear the Radio Station from Los Angeles very late at night. And if we want a good dose of "Music by the Beach Boys," all we need to do is to "hit the road to California." We can hear the music on the highway as we come down from the mountains at the little town of El Cajon, long before we reach San Diego!

I still have my old 45 Records and 33-1/3 Albums from around 1958 - 1988 - Cab Calloway & the McGuire Sisters through Michael Jackson. We've moved 10 times since then, but "they can't take that away from me!"

We had our Passover Seder at my Older Daughter's House, sitting 6 ft. apart at the table and enjoying her homemade Chicken Soup, my Granddaughter's homemade Matzo Balls, my Carrot & Apple Tzimmes, and Roast Beef by our "Jewish friend."

Happy Easter, Everybody!  The Easter Party is cancelled, due to the Virus, but the Spirit is still there!






05/21/20 04:14 AM #880    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I hope everybody in our class is staying healthy & safe!

Thanks, EVERYBODY,  for all the GREAT Birthday Wishes!

 My Older Daughter, Rachael, bought a wonderful selection of Cold Cuts, Potato Salad,  Cole Slaw, & Egg Bow Salad for Saturday night. (Sorry, Sidney!  Wish it was yours! She had to drive 3 hours to Phoenix  to buy the Corned Beef & some Pastrami! Nobody sells that here!)

She made Homemade Chicken Salad on Sunday & we finished the rest of the Veggie Salads!) 

My younger Daughter, Amy, bought me a magnificent Arrangement of 6 different  kinds of colorful Flowers!

My Granddaughter Sammy & her Cousin drew original Birthday Cards with Portraits of themselves & me & Cartoon Animals!

My Middle Sister sent me another book of Native American Handcrafts (this  one focuses on Baskets,Sculpture, Ceramics, and Dolls), & my Older Sister sent me a tiny Marble Box with Inlaid Shells which she bought when she toured the Taj Mahal with "The Doctor's Wives," a few years ago! 

(Add these to my little "Home Museum of Cultural Gems!")

Joel & Rachael bought me two bridge chairs, so I can FINALLY seat more than 2 people at my pull-out table in my very tiny Family Room! (There's no Dining Room here, or space  for a table in my kitchen!  Condos are shrinking in size these days!)

And the "Pieces de Resistance" were  "Apple & Cherry Strudel!". YUMMY!!!

(It was a Very Good Weekend!)

Thanks, ALL!




08/23/20 05:24 PM #881    


Robert Wilson

In response to the post about Tantilla Garden, one of our classmates Jim Barrow (deceased) brought in well known rock & roll artists and groups for dances at the Tantilla. These dances were promoted by Jim and a couple of others as "Blast I", "Blast II", etc. I think there at least 4 of these dances. Here is a list of rock & roll acts that could have performed at these dances. 1. Joey Dee and the Starliters (Shout) 2. Coasters (Yakety Yak) 3. The Temptations (My Girl) 4. Isley Bros. (Up on the Roof)  5.Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs (Stay) 6. The Drifters (This Magic Moment) (Please Stay)  7. Marvelettes (Please Mr Postman) - I readily admit that my memory is not that great. Some of these groups may not have performed for these "Blast" dances. I am very certain that The Drifters did although I believe there was more than one group going around the country claiming to be The Drifters.




08/24/20 10:14 AM #882    


Larry Hamilton

I played with a couple of R&B groups at Tantilla.Big stage,good acoustics.Use to bowl downstairs when I was a kid.

08/24/20 02:17 PM #883    


Cecile Reynolds (Myers)

Great memories of Tantilla!  Larry Hamilton, I remember your group.  Was Clarence in the group?  And Robert?

08/25/20 01:07 PM #884    

Steve Hopson

Larry and Cile, don't think our group, the Squires, played at what we called Tarantula Gardens, but I did see Bo Diddley there, with his amp cranked up to ultra high. Love that guy! Larry and I bowled many a game downstairs. It was a duck pin facility but had a couple of ten pin lanes that we used to sharpen our skills with the big balls. Cile, there is a picture of the Squires on this site at Memory Lane. Besides Larry and me, the others were Clarence, Robert, John Boatright and Julian McCarthy. Andy Lewis joined us later. Larry and Cile, great to hear from you and hope you are well!!

08/25/20 01:09 PM #885    

Bruce Weinstein

Tantilla Gardens - a true Blast from the Past! Duck pins downstairs during the day then girls, dancing, and alcoholic beverages upstairs at night. Very, very lucky not to have gotten into more trouble than I actually did at Tantilla.  

08/26/20 08:30 AM #886    


Russell Flammia

FYI Gerry Schneider & Steve Scheldhal were the promoters of one of Bo Didley's performances at Tantilla. He had just released a song that hit number 1 on the charts.  It was a sell out event and Gerry & Steve made enough money that night to pay for their college tuition for one year!

08/26/20 02:04 PM #887    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I am trying to figure out where I was during high school, when I never heard about dances at this  ballroom!              I absolutely LOVED Rock 'n' Roll Music & Dancing!  What I would have done if I knew about all the "Big Name Entertainers" coming to Richmond.......!!!!

On what nights were those dances held?  Friday or Saturday?

I guess I have been trying to make up for lost time ever since then!

I am always among  the first to drag Joel out on the dance floor when we go to Weddings, etc. 

08/27/20 12:52 PM #888    


Margaret Murdoch (Page)

I had not thought about the Tantilla ballroom for years until it was mentioned here! As soon as I read about it here, the memories came rushing back! I don't know how I could have forgotten about all those fabulous times with friends and all that fabulous music! Such fun and such good memories, thanks for the reminder!

08/29/20 10:42 AM #889    


Russell Flammia

Hi folks,

             besides Tantilla there was also the Wigwam located on Rt. 1  The good news it's STILL THERE.  It has been moved to the back of the property to make way for a shopping center, but the building is still there. The wigwam has beenn removed, but the log building still exists. What good memories I have of dancing there.

08/31/20 01:52 PM #890    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I remember that name, Russell!  Wasn't there also a "Cotillion Club" in Richmond?

We Jewish kids had Bar & Bat Mitzvah Parties in Junior High School & Sororities & Fraternities in High School, but I never knew about the Other Dance Clubs in Richmond!  It seems like chapter in my life just went blank!


08/31/20 03:47 PM #891    


Russell Flammia

Hi Marilyn,  I'm sure you had fun just the same.  Give my best to Joel!

09/11/20 01:44 PM #892    


Russell Flammia

Thank you Mike for posting the 9/11 reminder. It's hard to believe, but millions of Americans weren't born when the 9/11 attacks occurred.  If we forget history, it is more likely to repeat itself.

09/11/20 05:40 PM #893    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Well said by "The History Teacher," Russell !  

Let us never forget 9/11 and "All the Brave Men and

Women who were there when it happened: The Victims,

the Firefighters, the Helpers, etc."

We hope incidents like that never happen again!




09/12/20 08:44 PM #894    


Allan Forman

Unfortunately Russell we do remember history and we still repeat it anyway. War after war after war. Humans seem to delude themselves about what the outcome will be. 

09/12/20 10:48 PM #895    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Alan, I always wonder what would happen if representatives of all the Nations of the world got together and "agreed to put an end to War," as the song says.  The United Nations was created for that purpose, but apparently, nobody listens.  There is a new generation of idealistic young people just like we were 60-70      years ago!  How do we get rid of all those who profit off of War?

I keep remembering the quote by Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is for good men to  do nothing!"

09/20/20 02:30 PM #896    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Happy New Year to all my Jewish Classmates!   We wish for you a Year full of Hope & Good Health!

09/25/20 12:23 PM #897    


Sue Salemme (Antonick)

Dear Friends,

Once again I am sending out my sincere gratitude for your friendship.  I have appreciated so much hearing from  you by cards, calls, emails and website since my sister Sandra passed away.  This year has been a difficult one for the Antonick family and knowing you care about us comforts and strengthens us.  

We sincerely hope that you are well and that it won't be long before we can gather again to share laughs and catch up...God bless you, hugs, Sueheart

09/25/20 02:47 PM #898    


Cecile Reynolds (Myers)

So sorry to hear that your sister, Sandra, passed away.  My thoughts and prayers, Sue.

09/26/20 11:13 AM #899    


Melvin Katz



I am glad we connected on line these past few days. You have been and are a dear friend of ours and we are saddened by your loss.

10/01/20 12:25 PM #900    

Barry Steinberg

Dear, Sue,
I just read about Sandra and it was really sad news! I'm so sorry! I hope that her passing was painless and I hope that you will be blessed with the fondest of memories especially some of those from our fun times on Cary Street! Thinking of you and praying that your your coming days will continue to get easier! All my love!



10/02/20 02:08 PM #901    


Carolyn (Kay) Grinnan (Drinard)

Dear Sue,
Dan and I were so saddened to hear of the death of your sister. The Antonicks
have indeed had a rough year. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers

and we hope you find comfort in the wonderful memories you have of her. 
With love,

Kay and Dan Grinnan


10/12/20 11:39 AM #902    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


Hello Again, my Friends!  We have been rushing along through Fall and I was happy to hear from Penny     Wilson   and Lois Pollard, just one State away in California. Maybe we should schedule the next Reunion in    the Southwest, "for a change of scene!"

Just finished my latest online course on "The Museum!"  It was fascinating!  I finally found a topic for my Term Paper in "the-next-to-the-last-chapter" of my textbook, and spent the rest of the 7-week quarter researching all the "Multicultural Museums" that have sprung up in Arizona.  The oldest one is "The Heard Museum of Native Anerican Art in Phoenix. We visited it last Thursday & they have a brand new Exhibit of Modern Art Installations that are mind-boggling Sculptures, Videos, Photography, and Paintings!  There's also the Northern Arizona Museum in Flagstaff, with gorgeous Handmade Native Blankets, and a similar Museum in Tucson, featuring Native Blankets, Jewelry, and Paintings.  Next are two Latino Art Centers in rennovated buildings in Phoenix and Tucson, with a 3rd starting in San Luis, on the Border. We also have a Jewish Museum in Phoenix, and    the George Washington Carver Museum for Afro-Americans, as well. The "Universal" Phoenix Art Museum is sponsoring another "Asian Art Exhibit" (2nd time since 5 years ago), but apparently, the multi-cultural  Museums are now "standing on their own!"

My new Course is about "18th & 19th Century European Jewelry," and it is the only one of its  kind.  It just started today, but the first assignment was posted online on Saturday night, so I was "ahead," for a change, instead of "behind!"  I am looking at photos of Antique Jewelry and memorizing French words for the second time since my college days!   (This keeps my brain busy so I don't get too flaky!)

Hope the cool weather you are probably having there will float out this way soon!  Although pumpkins are probably available, our tree leaves do NOT turn bright colors, and the temperature is still in the 80's and 90's!  (At least that's down from 110-120!)

Happy Fall !




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