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10/24/18 07:50 PM #611    

Belle Landrum

hi Marilyn,

Thank you for posting.\ some opf the info about Westhampton.  One correction.  I suggest that the medical building placed on Libbie Avenue be moved to Bon S. property at 5800-5900 PARK Avenue, across from the projected garage/apartment bldg that will take up the jr high building.  That would leave open the old children's playground and save the old trees and bushes.


10/24/18 08:26 PM #612    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Good, Belle!  Hope it works out!

10/27/18 02:00 PM #613    


Jo-Ann Olkowski

For hours now I have been watching full coverage of the horrific situation at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA where there have been multiple fatalities, three police officers shot and wounded by a crazed gunman, now in custody, purportedly shouting, "All Jews must die!".  To all my Jewish classmates whether I know them or not, I am so, so sorry this tragedy has happened.

All this bitterness, hatred, verbal and mob-like attacks have got to stop.  We are all better than this, it is not who we are.  This is not who were were as students. 

I can only say to all of you, "Be well, be safe." 


10/27/18 03:38 PM #614    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Thanks, Jo-Ann!  We Jewish students appreciate your concern!  There is a rash of mentally ill people "out there" now who have been attacking churches and synagogues for a while, and all of them should have been living in an institution somewhere!  I don't know what we did wrong to engender all this hatred and violence, but from my professional training, I would say that either they are on drugs, or else they have been listening to too much "Hate Talk" on radio, tv, or online!   (Maybe both!)  Many churches & synagogues now hire Security Guards or Police Officers to protect them from harm, and they are stationed there BEFORE the troublemakers arrive!  It is a sad commentary on our times that this has to be done!  I, for one, think we need to have a Law against "Hate Speech" which needs to be passed in Congress and it could be Amended to Laws in many States against "Hate Letters & Inciting Violence!"  But I think we need to start at the White House, because most of the Hate Talk seems to come from there and the KKK!  These are very scary times!  And this week isn't even a Jewish holiday!  What to do?  Call your Congressman and U. S. Senators, plus State Legislators!  They are the only ones who can change this trend!


10/28/18 02:45 PM #615    


Russell Flammia

         JoAnn & Marilyn,  you have spoken well about what is the present and hopefully the temporary state of our nation. Sadly these attacks are almost becoming common place. When I wrote my last research paper for my master's degree I found many studies  showed  that much of the violence in our society was due to what we saw on TV and at the movies.  With 'advances' in technology we can add in other sources of video violence. After a certain point studies showed that individuals became insensitive to violence and its results. The sadness and hardships that are longlasting is seldom shown in these venues. Let's hope and pray that we will wake up as a nation.

10/28/18 06:59 PM #616    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


Ah, Russell, we think along the same lines, and I was not a History Major!  There was a lot of Research re. "The Effects of TV and Movie Violence on Kids and Adults" back in the 1960's and 1970's, but apparently, either all those Researchers have stopped teaching or publishing or gone to their home in heaven or nobody read the Research, except you and me in our generation!   Instead of making things better, everything got worse!  I remember walking out of a violent movie after we had lived in Arizona for over 10 years, and now there are less than 4-5 movies we go to see all year long!  Cable TV isn't any better than the old TV, and the Internet is even WORSE!  The "Hate Talk" is what really bugs me!  It always seems to "mushroom" into Violence!  I was trained in the area of "Prevention," but that is a word from our generation. Everything now is "Crisis-Oriented!". Wouldn't it be wonderful to pull out your old Research Papers from Grad School and find an audience that wanted to learn about "Prevention?" I'm sure your Students at TJ probably picked that up from you while you were teaching, but this is another generation coming up, and maybe they didn't have that good luck!  I had only one chance in Arizona to do that, and my audience was quite resistant to change!  How do we educate the public on important issues like this, when they don't want to listen?

Thanks for your comment!  I appreciate it very much!  I also wrote a lot of Research papers in Grad School, but mine were centered on "Family Systems," and Domestic Violence is STILL "out there," 36 years after I wrote my papers! Everything recycles, because people don't seem to want to learn from the past!

I personally can't wait until November!  A lot of people are looking for "Change!"

10/28/18 07:11 PM #617    


Ernie Bolling

Russell and classmates.  It is so terrible to see the killing of our Jewish fellow citizens.  This follows so many other similar cases including the shooting of the bible study in Charleston a few years back, the attemped bombings, shooting at varous schools, Las Vegas, and others,  At TJ one of the many good lessons I learned was religious tolenance.  I never remember "ever" seeing or hearing of any religious conflicts.  I value my Jewish and Christian friends and neighbors and  pray for all of them.  Our country and world need to embrace our differences and lean to coexist and love our neighbors.

10/28/18 08:16 PM #618    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Thank you, Ernie!  Jo-Ann & I were just writing each other last week that we don't remember any incidents like this EVER happening in Richmond, or at Westhampton School or TJ!  Richmond always  had excellent Interfaith Relations!  Maybe Pennsylvania needs to set up a Council for that, too!  This is hard to comprehend, because anti-Semitic incidents have occurred in the Ukraine, in France, in New York, and in other synagogues recently, just like the ones in churches!  There are some very troublesome thoughts about religion in the minds of some people these days!  I like hearing the Pastors, Priests, and Rabbis speaking out about this, but somehow, they are not reaching "The Unaffiliated Ones" who are commiting these crimes.  I wish there was more "Prevention Programming" going on to reach that catchment group.  The Anti-Defamation League has prepared school programs on these topics.  I guess it is time to bring them back again!  These problems have been circulating since 1939-44 and even before then!!  In the words of Meir Kahane: "Never Again!" or we will be turning the clock  back 75 years!  It is good to have supportive  friends like we knew/ know  at TJ!  My daughter's in-laws have lived here for over 100 years, and they have built a strong support system here too!  That is the best way to counter-attack all the hate & violence "out there," I think!  Thank you for your kind thoughts, Ernie!  I appreciate that so much!  Our tiny synagogue here in Yuma only has 15-20 members now, because about 150-180 of them moved away or passed away!  We don't even list the address publicly!  Interested Jewish people who move here from out-of-town or who join our Marine Base  have to call on the phone to find out where the synagogue is located, because we share a building with a Humanistic Church!  A synagogue can never be"too safe!"

10/29/18 09:01 PM #619    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Melvin Katz, I love the photos of you and Elsie in Greece! They are quite timely, because I am taking an online course about the History of Greek & Roman Art, and I have only seen their  Painted Vases, Stone Carvings, and Sculpture at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and th San Diego Museum of Art. I would LOVE to see Greece and Italy one day!  It looks like a fantastic trip!

11/09/18 02:02 AM #620    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Mike, I somehow landed on your page on this Website, and I am awe-struck re. your photos!

WHERE did you EVER learn to take such amazing & incredible photos?

They are Masterpieces  !!!

You should be displaying them in an Exhibit somewhere !

11/09/18 10:08 AM #621    


Mike Floyd

Thanks, Marilyn,  The first two, I think, are actually by John Boatright.  At the time I posted them you couldn't post for another classmate and give them credit. 

My wife took a photography class for several years with weekend homework assignments and took me along with her on the assignments.  I learned a great deal from her.  We both have had shows a number of years ago.  We both still like to play with taking photos, but not as many as in the past.  We also took a photograph class from a photographer from National Geographic.  The last photos were of the sailboat at sunset and the tree growing out of a building were taken for his class.  The last three photos I believe were by Dale Bagby Waters.  

My photos were from the British Virgin Islands, Edinburg Scottland, the North Sea, Highlands North Carolina, Marathon Key, Key West and home on Robinson Creek and Urbanna Creek.


11/09/18 01:55 PM #622    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Mike, I knew there was something about your photos that caught my attention!! We subscribed to National Geographic for many years, and your style sure emulates theirs!  Your landscapes are breathtaking! People  out here do a lot of landscape photography, but Desert Landscapes are a whole lot different from awesome pix like yours, with all the beautiful colors!   I have to wait until we go to San Diego to get photos anywhere remotely as nice as yours!  Great job, Both of you!  (And John and Dale, too!!)

11/11/18 04:33 PM #623    


Russell Flammia

     I just wanted to take time to thank all of our veterans for their service.  Thanks are also extended to their families as well, because the entire family is involved with movings, the possibility of combat and all the risks that go along with it.  THANK YOU!

                                  America, home of the free, because of the brave.


11/11/18 06:32 PM #624    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Great idea, Russell!  I have noticed lots of people in our graduating class have served in the Armed Forces since our Graduation 55 years ago!   I am so proud of those classmates!  They bring honor to our school!  Thanks to all the Vets who have served and those who are still serving, along with  those in the next generation!  Our class put out some great men and women!

11/12/18 08:17 AM #625    

Rocky Smith

we had no choice wheather to serve or not..we had something called "THE DRAFT"

11/12/18 09:51 AM #626    


Jo-Ann Olkowski

I'd like say, "thank you and you're welcome" on behalf of my son, Chris, who is a retired 20-year veteran of the Army Military Police K-9 division (both drug and bomb sniffing).  He still serves his community as a civilian police officer.  He made the very most of everything the Army had to offer to forward his advancement from one goal to the next. He's been places and seen things I could never hope to see both stateside and overseas.  He has done himself, his family, and his country proud.

You're right, Rocky, back in the day we had something called "the draft." Alas, no more. At some point, Chris took some time off from active MP duty to serve as an MP Drill Sergeant.  He called me one day and said some of the enlistees were the sorriest pieces of humanity he had ever seen in his life - couldn't do one pushup, couldn't half read or write, couldn't march, hike, assemble a tent, etc.  He found himself drowning in a sea of paperwork mustering those people out and sending them back home.

Freedom is not free - it comes at a cost - lives lost, limbs lost, devastated families who will never again see their sons and daughters. Families "serve" as well - hoping for the best, fearing the worst.  I would like to ask of all my classmates that every time you see an old timer wearing a baseball cap indicating he or she is a veteran, take the time to shake their hand and thank them for their service, every time you see a uniformed National Guard person, take the time to thank them, every time you see a uniformed police officer, take the to thank him or her for their service.  It will only take a minute of your time, but it will absolutely make their day just to know that someone cared enough to just say, "Thank you."

11/12/18 10:34 AM #627    


Linda Fiske (Wehrle)

Thank you for your thoughts. It is really very special that more retail stores are recognizing veterans . After Vietnam, we really did not say we were veterans and now we are finally being thanked. George and I have even gotten license plates with veteran status on them. I was at a athletic event at Notre Dame when they had veterans stand. Well a vet a few rows in front of me turned and said only veterans were to stand , not their spouses. Well I informed him I was one of those Navy nurses that trained those corpsmen that took care of him in the field. We are making progress. Thank you.

11/12/18 11:28 AM #628    


Melvin Katz

Calssmates: Thank you all for your comments regarding our Veterans. Make no mistake about it, our nation is free because of the very brave women and men who have and are serving our country. Having just returned from overseas, it is easy to see what our armed services have provided for us in defence of our country. My observatios are that we enjoy these freedoms of today and yesterday because of what we represent in our values. As a class, we have been privey to what war can do. Fortunately our shores were not penetrated by enemies of our freedoms in our lefetimes because we came to defendf our allies whose countries were being invaded and fought upon. Never forget what our veterans have meant to our well being. I shall never forget that. NEVER.

11/12/18 01:35 PM #629    


Barbara Seely

I'm a HUGE supporter of ALL THINGS RELATED TO VETERAN'S DAY, along with the many other military holidays and special events that come our way each year.  My brother and I are (were) Army 'Brats'  many decades ago.  We moved a lot, lived in strange places, learned to make friends with nearly anyone, and wouldn't take a million dollars for that experience.  It was a pretty nice way to grow up.  He and I are the VERY proud offspring of our father (Bronze Star) and our mother who rest in Arlington National Cemetery.  I, too, say prayers for all the veteran's now as they live and die protecting us 365 days of the year. My heartfelt thanks and blessings to all who now serve, or have at any time in their lives.  God Bless Them AND America!

11/12/18 02:28 PM #630    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Wow! So many comments re. Vets!  I live about 5 -10 minutes down the road from a Marine Base, and this town of Yuma, Arizona probably would not be in existence without the Farmers, the Vets, and the Enlisted men & women, or those who are on the Army Proving Ground!  No matter WHAT Washington,D.C. says, it is very safe here, and this is a good training ground for anyone who wants to be trained for the Service!  The planes fly over my house at all times of day or night, and all my neighbors  on my street or in my former Seniors Park appear to be related to the service in some way.  I am sorry that so many retired Vets received no respect for their Service, but around here, I think that does not apply.  There are Veterans' Day Parades and Air Shows every year here in Yuma, and they even have a special Ceramics Class for Vets at the Community College!  I know some young adults who have enlisted, and they are excellent young people, physically fit and very intelligent!  One young lady I know is training in the National Guard right now!  A young man my Granddaughter has known since age 11 is now training in the Army. And my Cousin's daughter is now the Navy Officer-in-Charge of her Ship overseas!  These young people are not slouches!  They will follow in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents and do this country proud!  I just hope they stay healthy and safe!  We think about them all the time!


11/12/18 03:07 PM #631    


Mike Floyd

Christ Church Parish, Saluda, VA is the home of the tomb of Lt. General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller.  Our Marines will know who he is.  We have an annual luncheon for our Homegrown Heros.  All Veterans are invited to a special luncheon and program.  I was asked to photograph the event and below are just a few of those photos and a link to a short slideshow of the event.  

2018 Veterans Luncheon



11/12/18 03:20 PM #632    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Nice photos, Mike!  You keep  us well- informed!

11/13/18 11:02 AM #633    


Jo-Ann Olkowski

What great stories from my classmates! I wish I had known more of my classmates back in the day and that some of you had known me better.  I'm still in touch with my old high school "love of my life" who was not a student at TJ.  He called me one day a couple years ago and said I'd never believe him - he went to his bank about a huge deposit to his bank account that must be a mistake.  They informed him it was a government deposit from the Veteran's Administration - he finally got all the back benefits he had been entitled to receive in accordance with the contract he signed when he enlisted!  He's a Vietnam Veteran.  He's suffering the ravages of that now - slowly but surely over time killing him by chemical poisoning - not nearly as tall or muscular as he was when he enlisted - Agent Orange, Napalm, and whatever else rained down on our servicemen by "Charlie" and perhaps by our own troops as well in the effort to fight off the advancement of enemy.

Way back before any of us were born, people from around the world flocked to America seeking freedom from many circumstances and looking for the chance to find work and to prosper in America - to live the dream. Like all those immigrants regardless of nationality they were grateful and served this country, generation after generation.  My Dad was career military serving in WWII and Korea where he was badly wounded and sent home on a medical discharge.  He lost two younger brothers fighting in France - exactly one month apart. One is buried in one American Cemetery in France, the other in another American Cemetery further inland.

As we were celebrating American forces in WWI and WWII and their efforts to keep European countries free from encroaching enemy forces, I found myself somewhat bristling at President Macron of France condemning President Trump's "nationalism as unpatriotic" - at one of those American Cemeteries, yet!  America IS a nation with borders and ONE flag - the American flag to which we should pledge allegiance.  There is nothing unpatriatic about that. I don't understand European countries being so willing to give up their "boundaries," their national identities, customs, etc. to form a "European Union" that's being flooded by "immigrants" free to roam wherever they please and do anything they please to the detriment of these "host' countries.

I don't watch much news anymore - it's become a bit more than I can handle.  When the few programs I do try to watch get out of hand, I either start channel surfing or pop in a cheerful movie that will make me laugh or otherwise "de-compress."

11/13/18 11:11 AM #634    


Frank Louthan

Life Memory:  Though I served in the United States Army and not the Marines, I did have an honor that I have shared with just about every Marine I have met.  Not unlike we do at TeeJay, classmates from The Virginia Militry Institute gather on the VMI Post for a reunion every five years after graduation.  In June, 1966, my roommate's Dad happened to be on Post and called me over to introduce me to an acquaintance of his, one of those Brother Rats attending their 45th Reunion as a member of the VMI Class of 1921.  And thus I got to shake the hand of and have a brief conversation with General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, '21. Semper Fi.



11/13/18 12:09 PM #635    


Russell Flammia

      Mikle--I know the church luncheon for the veterans must be a heart warming experience for the veterans and the folks that prepare and serve the meals.  Such a nice way to show graitude to such a deserving group of Americans.  God Bless them all. 

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