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12/11/18 12:36 PM #657    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

"Respect, decorum, and Southern manners!"  Wow!  I haven't heard those words in a long time!  The further you travel across the country, the less you will see of that!   I never realized  the difference between our upbringing and that of others until I lived in different states.  The value system we learned as kids is hard to find now!  But once in a while, I get lucky and  I meet someone my age or a young person whose parents raised them well, and I feel at home again!   


12/12/18 10:17 AM #658    


Russell Flammia

A-men Belle & Marilyn, you ladies are spot on.

12/12/18 03:16 PM #659    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Thanks, Russell!  I sent some photos to Mike that you requested a year ago!  Sorry they are so late!  I didn't have your email address, so I sent them to him!  Ask him to forward them to you or to post  them somewhere! (Note: One or two photos are missing!)



12/13/18 10:58 AM #660    


Jo-Ann Olkowski

Russell ... you can add mindreader to your list of accomplishments!  I have been thinking those exact words myself in response to Marilyn and Belle's post about decorum, manners, etc. Times were so much different when we were in high school and people were much more civilized and respectful of each other.  It was o.k. for a teenager or grown man to open a car door for a female, to open a door in a department store for a female, and on and on.  Today?  Forget it - a man stands a good chance of being cold-cocked by some hard core feminist who finds the gesture demeaning.

Out here in my little town there are still men, both old and young, who open doors for women.  I love it! It puts a huge smile on my face and I heartily thank them for their courtesy! Ahhhh, for the good old days!!!


12/14/18 09:19 AM #661    


Russell Flammia

      Thank you Jo-Ann, I've gotten a few dirty looks when I've opened doors for some ladies.  I'm glad you have some folks in your town who still appreciate ladies. I think we need more ladies and gentlemen who appreciate each other.  

12/14/18 04:59 PM #662    

William Anderson

Well said by both of you.  Here in Crabapple, Georgia things are changing also and not necessarily for the good in terms of manners.  Fortunately both of my sons were raised with respect for ladies and have practiced good manners.

12/15/18 02:24 AM #663    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

WHAT? Russell, I am in shock!  I live out here in "The Wild West," and while some very bad male drivers in Phoenix thought NOTHING of smashing into 5 different cars of mine, when I was taking Art Classes at Arizona Western College in Yuma, I was pleasantly surprised when young men (about the same age as those former drivers were years ago) took the time to hold open a door to the Student Center for me!  Wow!  I cannot imagine a woman turning down a polite gesture like that or giving you a dirty look!  That is NOT what the Women's Movement was/ is all about!  (It was about Equal Opportunity in the Job Market!)  I love it when somebody holds the door for me!  Most of the new ones are too heavy for me to open anyway!  Thank you Russell & Bill !  Now, if those manners can  just be taught  to a few folks in Congress, maybe we can get "back to the basics" in male- female relationships!

A friend and I went to see "The Fantastiks" tonight at one of our local high schools. It is an allegory adapted from a French play by Edmond Rostand!  The French are very keen observers of Male-Female Relationships!  I remember reading Moliere's play "Le Misanthrope" and Ibsen's "A Doll's House" in my World Literature class in college--- two opposite points of view!!  Nothing has changed since then, and they were written over a century ago!


12/15/18 10:09 AM #664    


Jo-Ann Olkowski

It's a shame that so many of our past things such as manners, respect, etc. have gone the way of the dodo bird. Sure, some things women had to fight hard for such as the right to vote were well worth the fight; however, much of today's gripes are "Shakesperian" - "Much Ado About Nothing."  It seems to me that over time the women's movement has morphed into something else entirely - denegrating housewives while at the same time making unichs out of men.  It seems no one has any respect for anyone or any thing now. I just don't get it.

While I didn't go to college like so many others in our class, whatever happened to aspiring to enter college (earning that priviledge with parental guidance, studying hard, etc.).  I cringe when I hear these "entitled" kids today who can't read, write, or do anything else but demand their rights to a "free" college education. Nothing in life is free - taxpayers are picking up the tab.  I'm sorry - I'm going on a rant!  Russell, I have to give you applause for your continued efforts to give students a good education and life guidance for their future.  I am surprised at the number of people in our class who went on to become teachers and they also have my praise.

All in all, the TJ Class of '62 turned out a "Class Act" of students in a broad spectrum of occupations!


12/15/18 01:35 PM #665    


Linda Fiske (Wehrle)

I am a member of a women’s group that gives out scholarships to women (PEO) and the women are all so appreciative and work hard to acquire the scholarship and work hard once they are in school. Really wonderful to hear their appreciation . I am still trying to remind people that females are also veterans. Loews has parking spots for veterans . Yes , I was told by a man to learn to read as the spot was for vets. I tried to nicely inform him of the fact that I did qualify. πŸ€—

12/16/18 01:24 PM #666    


Russell Flammia

      Hi Linda, thank for setting the guy straight regarding your military service and Thank You for your service. My wife's mother and aunt were both in service during WW II. Her mom was in the Navy & her aunt was in the Army. I wish they were still around so I could find out more about their experiences.    

                    ' Amercia home of the free because of the brave.'

12/17/18 05:25 PM #667    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)



Russell, I sent some photos to Mike about my 2 Aunties who were recognized by the "Women in Military Museum" in Washington, D.C.  I sent  it long after Veterans' Day, because I was busy taking my online class & did not have enough free time to do it earlier!  One was a Lieutenant & one was a Captain; they were in the WAAC during  World War II. My 2 Uncles also served in the Army during World War II. I sent the photo of one uncle and need to send  the photo of the other one!  Ask Mike to share it with you!  Next year, he can use them on Veteran's Day!

Jo-Ann, the terms are ELL - "English Language Learners" and "Special Education Students with Learning Disabilities."  I remember a young man in our 6th grade class at Westhampton who repeated the class 3 times because he could not read!  He was much older than the rest of the students in our class, and he lived  'way out in the country and had to ride to school every day for about an hour or so!  He was an American Citizen who probably never had a decent education before he arrived at Westhampton.  I spent my entire time as a Student Teacher & Substitute Teacher in Illinois and in Arizona with students who could not  read, write, or spell English well. I also Directed an ESL Program for adults in Illinois for 4 years, and there were about 50 adults who learned to read from 75 adult volunteers that I trained. The program was Free to them, and the books were funded by our township.  Then ESL became a program offered by the Community Colleges and Universities. This has nothing to do with "Entitlement" and Everything to do with opportunity!  Some people are really smart in areas like Science and Math, but have Low Literacy Skills!  ( I am "the other way around!" Math & Science are "over my head," but I do well in Grammar, Writing, Literature, and Foreign Language!)  It has to do with "Right Brain-Left Brain Thinking!". Read Howard Gardner's book: "Frames of Mind." It changed the entire approach to teaching during the 1960's!  (PS - My Mom did not speak English when she entered Kindergarten in Baltimore, Maryland in 1913.  The language spoken in her home was Yiddish, and she could read a Yiddish newspaper fluently, along with her Grandfather. But she was one of the most brilliant scholars I ever met, and her English writing as an adult was impeccable. She also read 6 books per week from the Library and loved to attend plays and movies!  So, kids who are illiterate are not "lazy" or "whiners;" they just need good teachers and educational programs to help them learn!  

Linda, I am sure that the women appreciate the scholarships your group offers!  Is it the AAUW?  My Sister and I and my daughter all donate money to VCU each year for a Book Fund for a Woman Returning to College who lacks the necessary funds for those very expensive textbooks! It  is named after my Mom, who graduated from VCU at age 64, With Honors!

12/17/18 07:09 PM #668    


Linda Fiske (Wehrle)

Thank you Russell . I really believe that there are a lot of women veterans and am glad to hear of your relatives that served. Marilyn am glad you sent the pictures of your female relatives to the Women in the Military Memorial. I have been a member for about 5 years and we are still spreading the word. Thanks for all your help in speeding  the knowledge . A very safe and peaceful holiday to all .



12/17/18 11:03 PM #669    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Linda, one of my Aunts donated her WAAC uniform to the "Women in Military Museum," and included her photo!  The Museum made a postcard out of her photo and did not give her name. Several years later, my older Sister took my 2nd Aunt to the Memorial, after her Sister had passed away, and she purchased the  postcard  and a book with the photos that resembled my Aunt. I saw them during my final visit with my aunt, and called the Memorial to ask why there was no name on the postcard! "Oh! We didn't know who that was!" was their answer! Sometime later, a man in uniform met me at the photocopy machine, when I tried to copy the two photos side by side, and said to me: "Once someone enrolls in the service, their photo becomes the property of the Armed Forces. They lose their identity!" My aunt is now an ICON for the WAAC !

12/17/18 11:08 PM #670    


Mike Floyd

Several years ago our Yacht Club had a day on the water and Crab Feast for about 40 wounded warriors.  They were greeted by most of the town of Urbanna standing on the bridge coming into town waving American flags.  They were treated to fishing, sailing or just motoring.  What really surprised me was that more than half, probably two-thirds were women.  It was a wonderful experience for all of us.



12/17/18 11:40 PM #671    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

How kind, Mike!  I am really impressed with the program of "Wounded Warriors!". That is a great organization!

12/30/18 03:36 AM #672    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)




Hello, Classmates!  This has been the most hectic Holiday Season I can remember in a long time! (Or is it that I am just growing older?)  We ran straight through 7 different events this past week, and only today, when it was all over, did I say to myself: "Omigosh!  I forgot to wish my classmates Merry Christmas!" I hope your gatherings with family & friends were joyful!

We attended 3 out of 4 events last weekend for the Wedding of the Daughter of Joel's former Business Partner, an Accountant from India by way of Canada!  He has a beautiful wife and 3 lovely, lively daughters, the oldest of whom was "matched" with her Fiance, whose family lives in Missouri !  Several hundred people observed the festivities, including "Painting the Face of the Bride" for a blessing, Eating Traditional Meals, and watching all the Young Adults  "Dancing Round & Round" for many hours! It was a great exercise in "Cultural Awareness!"

We arrived back in Yuma just in time to attend the Annual Christmas Eve Party at the home of an Extended Family Member, and had Christmas Day Dinner at my Daughter & Son-in-Law's house!  In addition to baking an excellent Beef & Chicken Dinner, my "Chef-Son-in-Law" surprised us all with a delicious homemade dessert of Baked Apples, and I felt like I was age 5 again, eating in my Mother's kitchen in Richmond!  Leave it to a Farmer to bring back happy memories like that!!   I've made Baked Apples before myself, but it's so much nicer when  somebody else cuts out the core!

I thought we would have "a day off" from eating, but there were 2 restaurant meals after that!   So now I have to go on a diet, so I can fit into my clothes!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's  Eve Celebration and that 2019 brings us all "Good News" and "Happy Days!"

Keep in touch!



12/30/18 03:05 PM #673    


Pam Morgan (Nelson)

Happy New Year to allπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

12/30/18 06:32 PM #674    


Carol Battige (Levine)

I wish each of you a most happy, healthy and prosperous of New Years!

12/31/18 11:59 AM #675    


Mary Draney (Murray)

Wishing everyone a New Year full of joy!

01/01/19 09:14 PM #676    


Russell Flammia

Marilyn, Pam, Carole, and Mary, thank you for sending your New Year's wishes to the class. I'd like to wish you all and the rest of the class a Happy New Year as well.

01/04/19 12:15 PM #677    

Belle Landrum

The Westhampton, rainy blues.  Is anyone interested in going to Padow's for lunch?  I'd love to see your smiling faces!  I will gladly look at all your grandchildren's pictures.

Belle (or here)  and/or    804/282-1959

01/04/19 01:40 PM #678    


Sally Kincannon (von Rumohr)

I know that feeling, Belle!  Wish I were there to join you:-(

01/06/19 03:12 PM #679    


Anne Ferrell Smith (Lanier)

Yes Sally.  I feel the same way!   


01/06/19 05:08 PM #680    


Sally Kincannon (von Rumohr)

Just seeing your name cheers me up, Anne Ferrell:-)

01/06/19 09:17 PM #681    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

--and that is WHY this Website exists!   It connects our classmates across the miles!  Happy New Year, everybody!!!!


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