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03/08/20 03:32 PM #856    


Russell Flammia

Hi Belle,

      Thanks for the email Belle. Sadly, the girls lost to Strauburg, a team that has a 26-3 record, and they have been eliminated from additional play. There was a excellent article about them in the Friday paper.  The coach, Glenn Harper, has done an outsanding job rebuilding the team.  The year before he became the coach 4 years ago, they were getting defeated by 30, 40 points and worse. This year they were regional champs. There are only 2 seniors on the team!  I'm just glad they got some recoginition and respect this season. I'll keep you updated regarding other news about them. Take care, Russell

03/18/20 01:10 AM #857    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Wish I was in Richmond to get one of Sidney's Home-Delivered Corned Beef Sandwiches with a Kosher Pickle & Potato Chips!  There is only ONE German Deli in Yuma, Arizona, and they don't serve Cole Slaw! Plus  nobody here has EVER heard of Dr. Brown's Cream Soda or Black Cherry Soda!  I am stuck in my house with "puffy legs" and my daughter drops by every now and then to offer me a treat! Sidney, can you ship your meals cross country?  A package of Corned Beef at the Grocery Store here costs $20! 

03/19/20 11:07 AM #858    


Sidney Padow


Next day air would be cost prohibitive to ship corn beef to Yuma AZ.

Sorry, Hope you are well.

Love Sidney

03/20/20 05:18 AM #859    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Sidney- It was a Joke!

We eat at a Deli in California in July, a Deli in Tempe in September- October,  and we blow the money

      once or twice at other times per year and  buy the darned $20 package at the Grocery, and

       cook it at home!

But that's not as much fun as a lunch party at your Deli!

Miss you guys!

Two more years is too long to wait!

Hi to Lois,  and anybody else who shows up, in the meantime!

- Mar- 

PS- I have 2 sprained ankles & have not been out of the house

       in 2-3 weeks, except to the Urgent Care, and to Vote,

       with permission for an an Emergency!

I lost my balance after spending  long hours studying for a class

      1-2 months ago!  

I am better now!


03/20/20 04:41 PM #860    


Mary Draney (Murray)

Just ran into Padow's this morning to get packs of ham. Also planning to send some to my brother in Raleigh. My mother is currently sequestered in Westminster Canterbury or I would take her some.

03/21/20 01:43 PM #861    


Russell Flammia

Thanks Mary, I know Sidney appreciates the business.  Hope to see you at one of our class lunches sometime.



03/27/20 01:40 PM #862    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I hope everybody in our class is staying at home & taking care of their health these days!  It's pretty scary out there, and the News is not so good! Bundle up and read a good book !

03/28/20 11:53 AM #863    


Russell Flammia

Thanks for your concern Marilyn. You take care also.

03/28/20 01:25 PM #864    


Melvin Katz



I wanted to also say that if you can, please support our friend and classmate, Sidney. I was able to have shipped to our our two children foods from Padow's. One to Arlington, Va. and one to Boynton Beach, Florida, Thank you all for giving Sidney support at this very difficult time.

03/28/20 02:43 PM #865    


George Armstrong

Good idea, Melvin.   I've never had Padow bacon before, so now is a good time for me to try it.  Hang in there Sidney.

03/28/20 04:02 PM #866    

Belle Landrum

Boy, I might have to phone in an order for corn beef and then run in and pick it up.  Marilyn, you've started me thinkin about corn beef.....  It's quiet over here on Park Avenue.  Not even jack hammers(?) from the parking building  at W.  It's definitely six stores and will be seen no matter what else goes up..  I'm going to ask if that $26,000 per year  building -up keep money is still coming in.  It's sure not going into painting the windows or replacing the panes that are missing.   It will be interesting to see how they cram the other tw buildings in. (This is from observing outside the fence - black fabric on the fence blocks the view.  It's hard to Not think about the new stuff being built when every time I look to my left, I see it.

Marilyn, do you have azaleas in Arizona?  They are blooming here and the dogwood leaves are starting to show.   I hope working in the yard is considered safe from the virus.  I have lots to do. 

If I had  the where-with-all to do it  I would try to show movies on the side of the house or on a king size white sheet.  ( this is not the first time I've thought of this.).  Everybody bring your own chair six feet from everybody else's.  I've also thought of croquet (sp) in the side.  It would up even grass and go down hill and have a few things to go around.  I just might put the set up and see if ;any neighbors come by.

TeeJay is getting some good press these days, thanks to winning teams and Russell I'm sure. I think often of the excellent teachers there and of course at Westhampton who taught me grammar and verbs.  I think I'm getting like Miss Williams spotting grammer snafoos everywhere.  You wonder where these people went to school.  Certainly not our Richmond schools.  Thanks to all of them. 


03/28/20 09:58 PM #867    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


Belle, you are so funny!  It's too hot here for Azaleas & Dogwood, but we do have Excellent  Roses almost all year round, except for December through February!  Our first one for Spring showed up today in front of our house!

I have 3 trees in the back yard and one of them sprouted beautiful purple leaves a month ago!  I have no idea what it is!  Shall I send photos to Mike?

Last week, I trimmed two bushes in my side yard, and they are already growing again!  The bugs came out after 3 rainstorms, and bit both my legs off, so today was the first day I attempted going out again, because the Exterminator showed up and sprayed those suckers dead!

I have a huge, flowering tree here that looks like the photo of the Corona Virus!!  The Flowers make me sneeze! So I have to give them a "haircut" at least monthly!

I also have a pretty Boxwood Bush, and another bush with those pretty Orange Flowers that look like Birds!

I am dreaming about a Corned Beef Sandwich with Cole Slaw and a Kosher Pickle! (But Sidney only ships to. Virginia & Florida & North Carolina!) My Daughter has Quarantined me, because she is scared of the Virus, but we have NO testing kits here, so that is just conjecture!  There are a few cases in town, so she is panicky!! She shops for me once per month because she won't let me out of the house, and she says the stores are "sold out," but she manages to stuff my refrigerator and my pantry full anyway!  I haven't been  out of the house in a month, except to Vote and to go to Urgent Care for my Feet, which are now fine!  Our Absurd State Legislature voted to send OUR State Money to New Mexico for their schools, and REFUSEDbto donate money to local Food Banks, so that will be our new charity!

Belle, I wish I lived closer!  I would gladly come to your house to watch a movie on your outside wall!   The movies on TV here are all re-runs!  I'm thinking of unwrapping some DVD's I bought years ago for gifts, and putting them on my DVD player!  That's cheaper than Netflix!

A 6-story office building where our playground used to be sounds like an eyesore!   I'm glad we still have good memories of "The Way Westhampton Used to Be!"

Keep the Spirit & Faith!








03/29/20 10:21 AM #868    


Russell Flammia

   Hi folks, just a follow up on Melvin & George's posts. I ordered & Sidney had delivered 12 cans of 22 oz peanuts to family various family members. One relative can't eat peanuts so I sent her  2 jars of Padow's jams.  Hey, what's wrong with the Easter Bunny coming a little early!

03/30/20 06:02 PM #869    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Oh, Russell!  I am homesick for Richmond, Virginia!

What a joy to eat Planter's Peanuts!

I bet I can't even order Padow's  baskets!


My daughter is ordering Home Delivery from the Grocery Store.

But it won't be the same!

I have Skippy and Jif Peanut Butter here.

So those will have to do!

03/31/20 01:48 PM #870    


Russell Flammia

Hi Marilyn,

           thanks for the email.  It's good to hear from you and I hope  everyone is well.  This virus is like a bad nightmare that just won't go away. I stopped by Sidney's Sunday to pick up a take out order of soup and sandwiches & a small group got take out from Sidney and proceeded to tailgate and at a safe distance in the parkinig lot. 

   Sidney has his own brand of peanuts which are excellent.  I think Planter's Peanuts was sold to a foreign firm and just don't taste like they used to. By the way, Sidney has chocolate covered peanuts as well as salted and unsalted peanuts.  Give Sidney a call 804-387-4367 and he'll be glad to ship them to you.  

        Be safe and stay healthy Marilyn!


03/31/20 03:42 PM #871    


Mike Floyd

Living in Urbanna I’m too far from Padow's for delivery and with the Governor's "Stay at Home Order", I can't drive to Richmond to pick up a to-go order.  I know this is a tough time for restaurants and I want to help my friend Sidney out.  I email him to see if he has Gift Cards and he does.  All I had to do was call and give him the amount, my credit card information and my mailing address and the gift card is on the way.  I will use it for future meals when this COVID-19 is done.  Now that something I’m looking forward to.  Y’all stay safe.

03/31/20 04:23 PM #872    


Melvin Katz

Classmates: I too am concerned regarding sustaining Sidney's business. Since Russell and Mike have commented, let me also state that Padow's has a web site and you will find a number of items that can be sold and shipped by Sidney, I did order a few items and had them sent to our son and his family in Florida as well as something sent to our daughter and her family in Arlington. Let's do what we can to help our friend and classmate as we endure these very difficult times.

04/01/20 01:43 PM #873    


Robert Wilson

If Sidney googles  ' U S Treasury The Cares Act' he can get good information on how to apply for Small Business Loans that are Fully Forgiven if used for salaries, including Sidney's salary. Up to 25 per cent can be used for mortgage/rent and utilities and still be forgiven. He must apply through a bank that does SBA loans. This is my understanding at least. The U S Treasury web site is very informative and written in easy to understand terms unlike what we have been accustomed to in the past.

04/01/20 03:07 PM #874    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


Thanks, Russell! But I'm Lactose Intolerant, and Chocolate is included!

I'm not sure if Sidney's Baskets can be shipped 3,000 miles from Richmond! But I like Mike's idea of a Gift Certificate, so I'll check that out with My Spouse!

I think I have a Psychic Friend here in Yuma!  My Daughter's good friend, who lives on the other side of her street, decided to make some Corned Beef and Cabbage for her family & ours. (She's the Doctor's Wife, so    that should be healthy!) So "my wish" is now in my refrigerator for today's lunch!

My Daughter & Granddaughter came to visit me yesterday, by sitting outside on my patio while I watched      from the screen door!

My Granddaughter did a few hand stands on the grass and asked: "Do you have a snack?" So I gave her a Popsicle.

They refused to stay for dinner, because the Quarantine here started at 5 p.m.

So I made them some "Turkey Burgers" & sent them home in a cake pan with tinfoil on top!

I haven't seen her since she came home to help me with the video for my class!  "We" earned an "A" on it!

I hope you all were able to see HER Video about "Our Farmworkers," which is posted on my Profile Page on this website!

My 7th class is over, and I am taking a break until Fall, because I was pretty burned out from 8 assignments per week. I dropped my course on "American Art," because my Professor wrote that she was "leaving out the Civil War and Afro-American Art!"

Only in Arizona would somebody say something like that! - One of my favorite Artists was Romare Bearden and I also admire the work of Faith Reingold.  We are essentially living in 1900 here, and the only reference to "Afro-American Art" was in my last course, referring to the handmade fashions in Ghana & Nigeria, and folks like Nick Cave in New York and Yinka Shonibare in England & Africa.  The rest of my course covered "Global Textiles & Fashion" in China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Hawaii, Alaska;  England, France, Holland, Uzbekistan; Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala. I wrote my Term Paper on the "Huipiles of Guatemala"--absolutely fascinating!  There is a young woman with Down Syndrome, age 22, who has woven her own "Huipiles" in Guatemala since age 15 & she has been invited to show her work in fashion shows in England, France, Italy, Mexico, and New York.  She is a HUGE success!  Her name is Isabella Springmuhl and she is leading the way in Women's Fashions; she was the focus of my Video & Term Paper. I combined my photos of the Guatemalan  Fabric Marketplace  from our Caribbean Cruise a few years ago and a few photos of her fashions from the Internet. My Computer Crashed when I tried to upload the 3-minute Video on an email to Joel. (It just barely allowed me to take the Exam the week after that!) So I'm wondering if it would do the same thing if I tried to send it to Mike for this Website. My Daughter helped me upload the paper, my Bibliography, and 5 "Collages" to the ASU Website. This Digital Era is SO Complex!

My next course in the Fall is about "The Museum."  If we are still quarantined in June,  I'll think about Summer School. If it weren't for "Online Learning," my life would be very BORING!  4-5 more courses until I earn the degree I wanted to pursue when I was 18 years old!


04/02/20 09:06 AM #875    


Russell Flammia

  My golly Marilyn,  I admire your work in getting the degree that you wanted when you were 18.  I would have been burned out a long time ago.  I assume that was Sammie doing the hand stands.  Jackie and I  were so impressed with her when we all had dinner together last summer.  I know they appreciated the food that you fixed for them.

  Could you send the video to my school email,  Hang in there, this too shall pass.

PS Sidney ships across the US.

Give him a call for details 804-387-4367 

04/02/20 03:30 PM #876    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Russell, I can't email my video!  I tried to send it to Joel, and it got stuck in there for several weeks, and the pages kept sliding back and forth!  I just barely made it through the Final Exam after  my computer crashed      3-4 times over, and only because that is on a different website from the one where we made the video!

I might try to put it on a flash drive and mail it, if that is possible!  I can send you my photos  of Guatemala,      but the ones of the young lady who makes the beautiful huipiles are online, so I don't know if I should use their copyrighted material!  Check out www.Isabella  & there are many photos and videos of her & her family, plus the fashions she has made!  One video is in Spanish; can you understand it?  -I can send you my still shots of Guatemala, but there's no sound!

My Granddaughter said I should put my Video on U-Tube, but again, some of the photos are the intellectual property of her photographer.  I don't want to get into any legal trouble if I put it on U-Tube, because she is already on there!

PS - My granddaughter is a funny girl!  When she was 12 years old, she said:  "I don't want a job like everybody else has!  I don't want to be a teacher or a secretary or whatever! I want to be Famous!" She has been "on stage" as a performer she was 3 years old - Ballet, Tap, Cheerleading, etc. & she loves to be in front of a camera! She's a real "ham!" So, writing her own script and filming it comes naturally to her, but performing in it is what she really loves!  

I function better "behind the camera!"  I found out long ago in Illinois and Arizona that I can push my agenda much more effectively if I "keep a low profile." Politics can sometimes be "messy," so I put my face on "the back burner" & limit my presentations to writing & small group work.

04/03/20 07:05 PM #877    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Melvin, you are a true poet!

I enjoyed reading your very  kind words!

PS - Can you tell us anything about the

Glaxo-Smith-Kline Vaccine of 2014?

A friend in England said it was being

    "held back."

Do you know WHY?

04/12/20 12:21 PM #878    


Russell Flammia

Hi folks, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and staying home except for trips to the grocery store and to doctors.  To help me pass through this difficult period i've been listing to 94.9 The Surf on my phone and computer. They're in Myrtle Beach and play Oldies (our music) and Beach Music. On Sunday afternoons from 1-4 a DJ, Charlie Brown, plays some really good tunes.  Check it out, it's good for the soul.


04/12/20 03:18 PM #879    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


Thanks, Russell !  We have no Oldies music in Yuma, Arizona!  They took away our "Oldies" Radio Station many years ago, which is odd, because there are lots of people our age who are Winter Visitors & many Senior Citizens who live here year 'round!  That is the "Yuma Logic!" - They want us to shop in their stores, but they don't want us to have our Music!  During the Winter Months (October to March), we can pay $25 for a ticket to visit our Retro Main Street Theatre, and see "imitators" of our favorite singers like Buddy Holly, Simon & Garfunkel, The Blues Brothers, Diana Ross, and even the Glen Miller Band from a group out of Tucson called "Lonely Street Productions!"  These singers and actors have "all the moves" of the Stars down pat, and their voices are pretty close to "the real thing!"  When I went to see their presentation of "The Blues Brothers,"  each of the two singers came down from the stage and danced in the aisles with one of the Senior Women!  These concerts are always "Sold Out!"  And for great Jazz, there is a local band that plays outside at the Shopping Mall to large crowds who come there to visit the Restaurants during the evening. Some of the Band Members & Singers are relatives, so it is "all in the family!"  And two Native American Casinos that are located in little towns South and North of Yuma host "Big Name Country Singers" or "Pop Singers" several times per year.  We saw Julio Iglesias, Crystal Gayle, Air Supply, & most recently, Boyz 2 Men. In Phoenix, we  saw Herb Alpert and his Wife, &  later Judy Collins at the Musical Instrument Museum.  I'm sad that, due to the Virus, we can't see any Music Concerts this year, but the Country Singers put on a nice TV presentation with their wives & Shania Twain's horse  last week, so that was nice!

There is a great "Oldies Station" at 94.5 in Phoenix called KOOL!  I wish the Radio Waves stretched down here!  On the other side of town, in my former Yuma home, I could hear the Radio Station from Los Angeles very late at night. And if we want a good dose of "Music by the Beach Boys," all we need to do is to "hit the road to California." We can hear the music on the highway as we come down from the mountains at the little town of El Cajon, long before we reach San Diego!

I still have my old 45 Records and 33-1/3 Albums from around 1958 - 1988 - Cab Calloway & the McGuire Sisters through Michael Jackson. We've moved 10 times since then, but "they can't take that away from me!"

We had our Passover Seder at my Older Daughter's House, sitting 6 ft. apart at the table and enjoying her homemade Chicken Soup, my Granddaughter's homemade Matzo Balls, my Carrot & Apple Tzimmes, and Roast Beef by our "Jewish friend."

Happy Easter, Everybody!  The Easter Party is cancelled, due to the Virus, but the Spirit is still there!






05/21/20 04:14 AM #880    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I hope everybody in our class is staying healthy & safe!

Thanks, EVERYBODY,  for all the GREAT Birthday Wishes!

 My Older Daughter, Rachael, bought a wonderful selection of Cold Cuts, Potato Salad,  Cole Slaw, & Egg Bow Salad for Saturday night. (Sorry, Sidney!  Wish it was yours! She had to drive 3 hours to Phoenix  to buy the Corned Beef & some Pastrami! Nobody sells that here!)

She made Homemade Chicken Salad on Sunday & we finished the rest of the Veggie Salads!) 

My younger Daughter, Amy, bought me a magnificent Arrangement of 6 different  kinds of colorful Flowers!

My Granddaughter Sammy & her Cousin drew original Birthday Cards with Portraits of themselves & me & Cartoon Animals!

My Middle Sister sent me another book of Native American Handcrafts (this  one focuses on Baskets,Sculpture, Ceramics, and Dolls), & my Older Sister sent me a tiny Marble Box with Inlaid Shells which she bought when she toured the Taj Mahal with "The Doctor's Wives," a few years ago! 

(Add these to my little "Home Museum of Cultural Gems!")

Joel & Rachael bought me two bridge chairs, so I can FINALLY seat more than 2 people at my pull-out table in my very tiny Family Room! (There's no Dining Room here, or space  for a table in my kitchen!  Condos are shrinking in size these days!)

And the "Pieces de Resistance" were  "Apple & Cherry Strudel!". YUMMY!!!

(It was a Very Good Weekend!)

Thanks, ALL!




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