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02/24/21 09:04 PM #960    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)


No, Mike!  Those aren't  "Someone's Ears" on "the home page." Those are Cookies shaped like "Haman's Hat!" This month, we celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Purim!  The Story took place in Shushan, Persia, centuries ago, during the reign of King Ahashueras.  His Wife, Queen Vashti, did not answer his call to appear before him, so she was removed from the Palace, & the King began the search for "A New Queen!"   Among those who were presented to the King was a beautiful young woman named Esther, who just happened to be Jewish!  Her Uncle was named Mordecai, and he encouraged her to compete for the title of Queen, even though she was Jewish & the King was not!  Mordecai heard two men plotting to kill the King, & mentioning Haman's name as the planner, & he shared this information with his Niece & the King's Protectors. It was recorded in the King's Records by his Scribe, but the King never saw it. 

The King had an Advisor whose name was Haman. This man was a blantant Anti-Semite, who had an Agenda "to Kill all the Jews in the Land." Esther, who won the favor of the King through her beauty & KINDNESS, invited the King & Haman to several Dinners which pleased the King a great deal.  At the last dinner, she asked the King: "How would you Honor someone who saved the King's Life?"  The King replied: "I would ride him through the streets on a White Horse & tell all the people about his brave act."

Haman thought the King was speaking about himself, & Haman would be honored for saving the King from the Jews! But Esther continued: 

"And what would you do about the person who wanted to kill the King & all the Jews in Shushan?" Esther asked.  "Because I am Jewish!"

The King replied: "He would be hanged!"

Then Esther asked the King's Scribe to enter the room & to bring the King's Record Book with him!   Upon seeing the record of Mordecai's brave act, the King had Haman  Arrested & Hanged, and Mordecai was honored by a ride through town on a white horse, and appointment as the King's New Advisor!

On Purim, we read "The Story of Esther" in Hebrew from a long, handwritten Scroll,  Every time Haman's name is sung, children and parents turn the handles of a noisemaker called a "Gragger."  And later, everyone eats cookies shaped like Triangles--- the shape of "Haman's Hat!"



02/24/21 09:59 PM #961    


Mike Floyd

Thanks, Marilyn.  For some reason, I thought they were Haman's Ears.  The cookies sound delicious.  Purim begins at sunset tomorrow February 25th and ends Friday, February 26th.  Thanks for the explanation of the Purim celebration.  

02/25/21 12:38 AM #962    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Mike, I think you have confused Haman with Vincent Van Gogh!  (- who presented his ear to a woman he admired!!) ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚  Wrong party!<>>

PS -The Cookies are made with dough shaped into a triangle with the edges turned in, and the center is filled with Fruit Preserves like Apricot, Strawberry, Prunes, or even Poppy Seeds. When baked, the cookies are crunchy & delicious.  You can buy them at most Jewish Delicatessans & Bakeries!

PPS- If you want to see a funny version of "The Story of Esther,"' search for "Veggie Tales!"  I used to use that to tell the story to kids in Sunday School, with a few adaptations. But they actually believed the "Veggie-Tales Story" more than the real one, so I had to explain the difference!

PPPS - The long scroll in which the story is written is called "The Megillah!". And that is the source of the     name for the cartoon character: "Megillah Gorilla!"

02/25/21 02:43 PM #963    


Carlin Hudgins (Hanzas)

Hey Mike, what the heck!!  You must really be bored!!  LOL!!

02/27/21 04:56 PM #964    

Belle Landrum

Hey, Mike,

This remind me of my teaching years when kids sang "My Country Tis of Thee" to audition for chorus.  I loved it and did not correcrt when they all sang, "  Land where my father died, land where the pilgrims cried".  I too  have heard something different - in the jaunty church song "LOve lifted Me"  my four-year-old ears heard (And I sang)  "Love Lipton Tea".  Seemed strange, but what isn't when you're four.

02/27/21 07:42 PM #965    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Carlin & Belle, you are FUNNY! 

02/27/21 09:02 PM #966    


Mike Floyd

Thank everyone.  It's good to see everyone using the website and participating.

02/28/21 02:30 PM #967    

Jim Barton (Tj '60)

Hi Mike, Russell,,

Thanks for the Iwo Jima/Coach Cooper tribute. I shared this with Jane's brothers, Arch and Tom; all three of us (+ many others) ALL were fortunate to have experienced Coach Cooper as a coach, teacher, mentor and friend.He was a positive power as we grew and have kept trying to deal with life and its "tough games" and "joyful wins".

Jim Barton 


02/28/21 09:29 PM #968    


Mike Floyd

For many of us that played for Coach Cooper, he was a positive influence on our lives.  He was great at shaping young men and an excellent role model.

Jim thanks for sharing the tribute with others.


03/02/21 05:51 PM #969    


Mike Floyd

Congratulations, Carlin, for being able to post a photo on the Classmate’s Photo Gallery.  Posting photos is no simple task, but you managed to post the Albert Hill 1959 graduating class photo under Photo of the Week.  There sure was a lot of us.  Thank you.

03/02/21 10:10 PM #970    


Carlin Hudgins (Hanzas)



Mike, I also posted the photo on my profile. You can open the photo larger there. I couldn't do that on the photo gallery. You can see everyone up close when you go to my profile and zoom in. 




03/06/21 07:38 PM #971    


Russell Flammia

A BIG THANK YOU, to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday!  I'm so very blessed to receive such nice messages. I look around and wonder how 77 years could have passed by so quickly with such wonderful friends by my side. In my eyes, relationships are what keep me going. God Bless you all.---Russell

03/07/21 12:52 PM #972    


Melvin Katz



Thank you for being an incredible friend to me and my family over the hyears.



03/07/21 04:40 PM #973    

Belle Landrum

Dear Russell,

I wsas sure I wished you Happy Birthday days ago...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to you., and thank you for all the things you do for our class you.  


03/07/21 05:54 PM #974    


Mary Draney (Murray)

Russell, Hope you had a great birthday. Thanks for all you do!

03/08/21 01:23 PM #975    


Russell Flammia

Glad to hear from you Mary, and thanks for the birthday wishes! Stay well!

03/15/21 05:03 PM #976    


Jo-Ann Olkowski

I don't get on the class website often enough so I hope I won't be repeating something I've already posted.

I don't remember that we had this particular sport at Tj, but some of you who are sports fans might enjoy this.  My youngest grandson is a star football player at his high school but he is also on the school's wrestling team.     At the state wide wrestling tournament in Chattanoga near the end of February, he was the state champion in the heavyweight division!  At 6 ft. 1 or 2 and 220 pounds, I'd certainly hate to have him coming at me! One of the guys he had to wrestle came up to him before the matches started and said, "You sure don't look like much."  When my grandson nailed him to the mat, he asked, "How am I looking now?" 

He got a lot of publicity in our local paper.  A large picture on the top fold of the front page, additional pictures of him in action in the sports pages and several very good write-ups. This was his second time at the all-state tournament where he was the winner in his weight division last year as well.  

He's truly an all round good student and athlete.  4.0 GPA, and a full ride to a college in Iowa - acadamic, football and wrestling.  Of the many offers from colleges in TN, KY, NC and IA that he visited, he finally signed up for the one in Iowa.  We're all so very proud of him!

Hope all of you are doing well and staying safe. I hope those of you who are still trying to get your vaccines will be able to get them very quickly,  TN has done a great job of getting people vaccinated.  


03/16/21 12:12 PM #977    


Gwynn McNaught (Henderson)

Enjoyed reading about your grandson, Jo-Ann, and I can well imagine how proud you must feel!  Best wishes to him as he begins his college years!


03/16/21 12:28 PM #978    


Jack Hellems



You must be proud of your grand-son. He apppears to be well rounded.( 4.0, State Champion and a scholarship.)

03/16/21 03:20 PM #979    


Linda Fiske (Wehrle)

Well congrats to your grandson . Job well done 🐧ðŸĪ—

03/16/21 05:45 PM #980    


Russell Flammia

Golly Jo-Ann, you really have an outstanding grandson. A 2 time state champion & a 4.0.  I know he brings a smile to your face and heart.--Russell

03/16/21 07:11 PM #981    

Belle Landrum

   Dear Jo-Ann,  Thank you for telling us about grandson.  He sounds like a great fellow.  I hope you have a chance to see him play at Iowa.  I know you are proud of him.

03/17/21 11:25 AM #982    


Melvin Katz

Jo- Ann: I know the pride you have for all of your granchildren but your comments regarding this particular young man is very warm and thoughtful. In an age where our young people can easily go astray, his GPA, His Athletic achievements and his character are very impressive. Congratulations to you and your family.

03/17/21 03:10 PM #983    


Sally Kincannon (von Rumohr)

Hi Jo-Ann!  I'm late to post my kudos to you re. your talented grandson, but want to join the chorus:-). It's SUCH fun to now have grandchildren to dote on, and your grandson sounds like quite a champ!   

03/27/21 04:41 PM #984    


Jo-Ann Olkowski

Thank you all for the wonderful responses regarding my grandson.  We are very pround of both my grandsons.  Tyler (the eldest) has served his country proudly both active service and with the VA National GuardMMMy   MM

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