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06/03/21 02:21 AM #986    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I have waited for a while after Jo-Ann's story about her "Star Grandson"  to post mine, because I wasn't sure our source of pride would actually occur!  Now that he & she have had their "Moment of Glory" (Congratulations, Jo-Ann!), here is our tale for this week:

Some of you have seen the Videos made by our Granddaughter, Sammy Byrd, for her Journalism Class at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. If not, Mike posted them on my Profile page on this TJHS1962 Website, and you can watch her Final Assignment, which Summarizes all of them in one presentation, on my Profile Page today!

Last Sunday, Sammy and two of her friends boarded a plane for Jerusalem, Israel, where she will spend the next two months working with the Media, as part of her 2nd Internship for her Journalism Major.

Also traveling with her were two of her friends, who will be Interning at Hadassah Hospital.  One is studying Pre-Med, and one wants to become a Nurse.  She is traveling with a group that provides an apartment and meals for the students, so her only expense was for the plane flight!!

We are very excited about this new opportunity for the next generation to "spread their wings."

"The torch has definitely been passed!"

I personally am praying for their safety during this venture!


PS-I am currently registering for my last two classes at ASU Online. Unfortunately, I cannot find an Internship for myself due to the Pandemic, but it is not required in the Art History Department, due to the fact that many students in our Online Classes live far away and are in the same situation as I. 

If I get lucky, my Granddaughter and I will both graduate in December. If not, she will graduate before me!

What a challenge!


Hope all of you "out there" are healthy & safe.  We watched the TV Shows on Memorial Day, and we know that none of us would be here today if many brave soldiers had not made it possible for our ancestors and those of many others to escape East Europe before or between World Wars I and II and to make the long trip to the USA & the State of Israel.   

Freedom is a precious gift.  We have been watching all the various Revolutions all over the USA & the rest of the World, and wishing that Freedom was available to everyone!






06/06/21 03:05 PM #987    


Mike Floyd

I want to thank everyone for their Birthday wishes.  Our daughter Ann Sterling and son-in-law Paul Ott traveled up from Atlanta to spend the week with us.  We sailed the British Virgin Islands with them over Thanksgiving 2019, and they visited for Christmas that year.  Due to COVID, other zoom meetings, we hadn't seen them since Christmas 2019.  What a wonderful birthday gift.  Thanks again, everyone, for your Birthday wishes.

06/10/21 08:16 PM #988    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Russell, it is Soooo Exciting to hear about the Scholarship in your name! What a wonderful Honor to you, for ALL that you have done for Tee Jay!   Congratulations to you!  Your name will now be immortal !!!!


06/11/21 02:34 PM #989    


Jack Hellems


Congratulations. Its is exciting to read that you now have a scholarship name for you.

06/11/21 03:59 PM #990    


Russell Flammia

Thank you Jack, I'm very blessed , lucky, and honored to have something like this happen. I hope you and Ginger are doing well.  Take care.

06/11/21 04:59 PM #991    


Mike Floyd

Russell, what an honor and so well deserved.  I'm pleased to see all that you do being recognized in such a special way.

06/11/21 08:01 PM #992    


Russell Flammia

Thanks Mike, I'm so blessed to have occasions such as these AND to have my classmates make such kind comments.

06/12/21 08:09 AM #993    

Judy Marmion (Gw '62) (Jones)

Congratulations, Russell. That is quite an honor and obviously well deserved. 

06/17/21 12:50 PM #994    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

I was so sad to hear of Miss Tankard's passing.  She was the most inspiring teacher of my entire life, and because of her, my Sisters and I ALL enjoyed many years of writing, 2 of us as Professional  Journalists.

It is hard to think of her as gone, because we had several  delightful conversations  on the phone, and a wonderful visit with her several years ago at her  home in Hallieford.

But she will remain in my Memory as the first teacher since 3rd grade who allowed me to publish my writing        in a  newspaper, and who encouraged me along the way to continue in that vein, through 2 Universities &        as a Freelance Writer in my young adulthood.

I think, if I ever decide to publish a book, I will put her name in my Dedication!

R.I.P., Miss Tankard!  You have touched the lives of so many people!

--- and left them with so many good memories!




08/25/21 07:43 PM #995    


Belle Landrum

Just a note to everyoone.  There was an article on Puritan and Westhampton cleaners last week.  Jane Norwood's son runs Westhampton Cleaners on Libbie Avenue.  It was a very nice writeup on her son with several pictures.  I hope you all had a chance to see it.  "IKudos" to Jane.

09/08/21 07:11 AM #996    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Happy Rosh Hashanah to All My Classmates who celebrate this New Year 5781!  It is hard to believe we have been around this long!  Some are overseas in Israel, some in new locations scattered around the U.S.A., some still in Richmond!  I hope you have a Good & Healthy Year ahead!  


09/08/21 03:52 PM #997    


Mike Floyd

Shana Tova Marilyn and all of my Jewish classmates.

09/08/21 05:30 PM #998    


Marilyn Wolfe (Ruben)

Thanks, Mike!  

And I appreciate ALL the little icons you put on the TJ Page 

        for all the Jewish Holidays!

They always brighten up my day!






09/08/21 06:11 PM #999    


Belle Landrum

Dear Russell,   I cannot remember the exact dtae of TJ-JM game in late October or early November.

Please remine all of us of the date.  I know it will be played at Tee Jay. It would be neat if a bunch of us could go.  I hope some of us can sing the fight song together.  I don't want to be the only one!  Some of you cheerleaders should come as well.  I've been to one game and there were no  cheers. Perhaps those of us who can go to the game could  meet at Padow's for a late lunch and then head over to the game.  Russell, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the game is at 4 P.M. on a Friday. Anybody interested?  (You'll' get home before dark!! for those  of us who don't drive at night.)

Happy New Year!


09/08/21 08:31 PM #1000    


Russell Flammia

Hi Belle, the TJ v. JM game is Sept. 24 at 4 pm. I like your idea of meeting at Padow's and then goining to the game. I'm getting Mike to post the entire schedule. FYI the Homecoming game is Oct. 16 with Tucker at 12:00 Tee Jay has a 2-0 record so let's hope they continue their winning ways. Thanks for the suggestion.  As you saw, cheerleading is a lot different now!  THANKS Robert for catching my error. The TJ v. JM game is Sept 24. Mike has posted the entire TJ schedule.

09/09/21 01:16 PM #1001    


Robert Wilson

TJ vs JM  -  

October 24th is a Sunday?

09/09/21 04:37 PM #1002    


Mike Floyd

The Tee Jay VS John Marshall is Friday, September 24th at 4:00 PM


09/16/21 11:42 AM #1003    


Belle Landrum

Now that we are all straight on the TJ-JM date, does anyone want to go together to the game?  I suggested going to Padow's for lunch and then the game.  Russell, can we get some of us to go? 

09/22/21 08:21 AM #1004    


Belle Landrum

Is anyone interetsed in going to the TeeJay - JM game this Friday afternoon, 4 o'clock?   had mentioned meeting at Padow's for lunch and going on to rthe game,  Please send a message if you are interested, even just going to the game.  It should be a good one.  Thaniks, Russell for your interest - I'll have my money for      a hat ready for you.

09/23/21 08:42 AM #1005    


Russell Flammia

Hi Belle, Jackie & I will be out of town, otherwise I'd gladly join you. Have fun.

09/23/21 08:41 PM #1006    


Robert Wilson

Belle, I am planning to attend the game. Hope to see you and others tomorrow.

09/24/21 02:01 PM #1007    


Russell Flammia

Belle & Robert, due to  covid germs being spread by currency payment will probably be by credit card or by some technology on your cell phone. What a beautiful day to see TJ play JM.

09/25/21 12:15 PM #1008    


Robert Wilson

Russell, unfortunately I did not see your message until Saturday morning. I arrived at the entrance to the field 20 minutes before kickoff and was informed that all ticket sales were on-line and that the game was a sellout. The number of tickets sold was restricted also because of COVID. I watched the first three quarters through the chain link fence behind the west endzone. TJ won 37-0. Maybe next time!




09/25/21 08:31 PM #1009    


Russell Flammia

I'm sorry for the inconvience Robert, but I'm glad you stayed and watched through the fense. Home coming is . Sat. Oct. 16 @ 12:00 when TJ plays Tucker. I think Mike put the entire schedule on the home page. Hopefully th covid restrictions will be better then.  Take care Robert.

09/27/21 12:39 PM #1010    


Robert Wilson

Not a problem. There were several others watching the game through the fence like I was. I will be out of town on October 16. Thanks for the information!

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